Jessica Seinfeld Shows Us How to Make Easy, 3-Ingredient Smoothies

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Jessica Seinfeld is the author of three New York Times bestselling cookbooks, most recently, The Can't Cook Book, and the President and Founder of Baby Buggy, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clothing and equipment to families in cities across the U.S. She lives in New York City with her husband, two dogs, and three children. Here, Seinfeld takes us inside the kitchen to help us master basic and delicious breakfast foods in a fun and interesting way.

Jessica Seinfeld loves a smoothie, but only when making it is efficient with an even more efficient cleanup. She is the first to admit that making one can be a chore—and she's here to show us how to fix that. To make smoothies more approachable, Seinfeld has simplified them down to three healthy ingredients each that are sure to always produce a delicious morning.

When it comes to the fixings, Seinfeld prefers frozen fruit because its good no matter the season, is easy to work with, and requires much less cleanup. Want an extra kick? Add spices or throw in an additional ingredient. One thing's certain: with these pared-down combos, you'll be out the door in minutes.

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Simplify your mornings, and try out one of Seinfeld's recipes below.

3 Ways to Make 3-Ingredient Smoothies (Serves 1):

Red Pepper + Mango: Combine 1 red bell pepper cut into quarters, ¼ cup frozen mango, and ¼ cup orange juice in blender. Purée until it reaches desired consistency.

Blueberry + Almond: Combine ¾ cup frozen blueberries, 1 tablespoon almond butter, and ½ cup almond milk in blender. Purée until it reaches desired consistency.

Kale + Pineapple: Combine ½ cup frozen kale or spinach, ½ cup frozen pineapple, ½ cup plain Kefir or pourable plain yogurt, and ¼ cup water in blender. Purée until it reaches desired consistency.

Watch the video above for the full tutorial, and be sure to share your own favorite recipes with us on social media using #InStylexJess. For more of Jessica Seinfeld's favorite meals visit, and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Plus, view more of Jessica Seinfeld's recipe videos for InStyle here.

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[MUSIC] Hi, InStyle, I'm Jessica Seinfeld. Do you like smoothies? I don't. I don't love making smoothies. I am probably in the minority, but I just am never quite prepared for them. I think they're messy, I never quite have the ingredients on hand. And so what I've done. It simplified them down to three-ingredient smoothies. That's, that's really all I'll make. Yes, you can add spices, yes you can add things if you want, but my smoothies have three ingredients. So today we're going to make what I call my winter elixir. It's. Red pepper. Frozen mango. And fresh orange juice. I love to use fro, frozen fruit because it doesn't matter what season it is. I always have those, that on hand. And it's really easy to work with and much less cleanup. So we're gonna take our washed red pepper and cut it to get rid of the core and the seeds. Seeds. Make sure you don't have any seeds in there. Cut it into quarters and put them in your blender. Throw in your frozen mango and your orange juice. And you know, you also can also do without the orange juice, if you don't want those added calories. Just use water. And we're going to puree it. [NOISE] Okay, here you go. Look how pretty this is. [MUSIC] Mm, smells amazing. I love this one because it's packed with vitamin C. Between the red peppers, the orange juice and the frozen mango, you're loaded here with vitamin C. And I really love using vegetables in my smoothies, because it ensures that they're not loaded with sugar like lots of them are out there in the world. And here are two more three-ingredient smoothies. You can find these and more on [MUSIC]
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