Ina Garten Shares Her Top Secrets to a Perfect Thanksgiving Affair


If you could pick anyone’s brain for their Thanksgiving secrets, who would it be? For us, it has to be Ina Garten. It seems the self-taught home cook has every culinary technique mastered, which is no surprise, considering she has been entertaining for decades and that all her cookbooks land on the best-selling list. And now that we are approaching the most food-centric holiday of the year, we made a visit to Garten’s barn where she films her hit TV show, Barefoot Contessa, to ask her a few questions that we knew only she could answer.

“For everybody’s favorite meal of the year, which is Thanksgiving, these are some of my easy secrets,” says Garten, before revealing the special ingredient you need for the fluffiest mashed potatoes, her two-step process for a juicy turkey, how she keeps the hectic holiday stress-free, and more.

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Watch the video above to get some of the best Turkey day advice ever.


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