I'm Obsessed: Tata Harper’s Concentrated Brightening Essence


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Just a few pumps of Tata Harper’s Concentrated Brightening Essence will give you an added layer of glow that not only works well solo, but also complements your favorite serums and daily essentials. So how, exactly, does the product help you shine? Its concentration of 16 scientist-approved ingredients brightens your complexion and lessens the visibility of dark spots and blemishes. It contains a Magnolia scent that’ll happily kick-start your day, too. 


Shop it: $125; tataharperskincare.com.

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Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves it—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our favorites.


[MUSIC] Hey guys, it's Angelique, and today I wanted to introduce you to my favorite mid-afternoon pick-me-up. This is Tata Harper's concentrated brightening essence. Now, it's not quite a moisturizer. It's not quite a toner. It has consistency like water. And it's full of natural and organic ingredients like lavender and willow bark and lemon extract, and altogether they moisturize and they do help brighten over time. But the way I use it is I apply it just to my fingertips and I press it gently into my skin, and you can do this right over your makeup. And it just helps re-hydrate and re-plump your face and the scent is heavenly. It's so relaxing and I am completely obsessed.
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