I'm Obsessed: Sugarfina Candy 


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With Halloween just around the corner, our minds are fully stocked with every kind of candy imaginable, which is why we're pumped that loading up on innovative and fanciful, sugary finds just became easier, and more stylish, thanks to Sugarfina’s must-have creations. The company’s selects are chockfull of smartly sourced chocolates, cinnamon-covered espresso beans, sour and sweet gummies, and pumpkin pie caramels, among many more. And while the edible choices are unlike anything you’ve tried, it’s the customizable, adorable package that we’re racing to. It’s time to permanently satisfy your sweet tooth.


Shop it: Sugarfina's Gummy Love Bento Box, $65; sugarfina.com.

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Watch the video above to learn why Barfield loves the candy—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our obsessions.


Hi guys. It's Kahlana. So, I have the biggest sweet tooth and I love, love, love candy so my session today is my favorite candy company Sugarfina. What I love about Sugarfina is A, they're a gourmet candy company so they're just a little bit more special. And B, their packaging is just so chic. They come in these amazing clear lucite boxes. And also, you're able to customize orders. This is actually their bento box and it allows you to pick out different flavors to create your own variety Also, if you have a special occasion like a wedding or a party and you want to create custom labels with your own verbage, you can do that as well. I'm obsessed. [MUSIC]
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