I'm Obsessed: Shu Uemura’s Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray


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We love it when a few sprays of a beauty essential makes us look like we just stepped out of an hours-long salon appointment. And that’s precisely why we’ve repeatedly turned to Shu Uemura’s Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray, an affordable, must-have product that revitalizes flat, lifeless hair, and helps you maintain an extra layer of volume in minutes. The non-sticky formula doesn't produce a stiff look and would be great for recreating natural-looking waves. Additionally, it also extends the life of your ‘do for a perfect, lived-in look.  


Shop it: $38; shuuemuraartofhair-usa.com.

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[MUSIC] Hi, everyone. I'm Angelic and I have very fine, very straight hair and most mornings I'm very lazy about styling it. So, if there is a product out there that's going to let me sleep another ten, five minutes more, I'm going to use it. And that is where this product comes in, the Shu Uemura texture wave spray and it does exactly what it says. It gives your hair a really cool tousled texture and for me it gives me instant waves. So now what I do with it on most mornings is I spray it on dry hair, you can just take it and spray your ends. [NOISE]. And then you can lift your hair at the roots and give them a spray underneath. [SOUND] Honestly the more you mess with your hair, the more you scrunch it around and play with it, the better it looks. And that's why I'm completely obsessed. [SOUND]
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