I'm Obsessed: Sephora's Bright Future Serum Gel Concealer 


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Finding a concealer with your exact skin pigment is no easy feat. Thanks to Sephora Collection’s Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer, however, you’ll never have to worry about applying the wrong shade. Available in 20 colors that run the gamut from “Bavarian Cream” to “Truffle,” these dome-tipped pieces easily blot the perfect amount of concealer onto your skin, which helps lead to a smooth, even finish. The light and moisturizing formula is also filled with pineapple ceramide, an ingredient that helps with achieving rich texture and a radiant glow.  

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Shop it: $14; sephora.com.

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[MUSIC] Hi guys, it's Kahlana. So I love concealer. I think it's every woman's best friend, especially when you're tired and you wanna make your eyes look more awake. It's also great if you don't like to wear heavy foundation, and you just kinda wanna even out your skin complexion. Using your finger, you can just dab concealer everywhere. Well, I have a new formula that I'm obsessed with. It's from Sephora. It's their bright future gel concealer. And there's so many great things about this formula. One, it just feels like a serum. So it's nice and movable. You can use your finger again, and it kinda melts right into the skin. And two, it comes in 20 shades. And it's really hard to find a concealer that has such wide range of shades. So, whether you're super light or whether you're super dark there's something for you. The formula is amazing. It comes in this packaging that looks like a lip gloss. All you have to do is take it and dab it directly on the area that you want to treat. I'm obsessed. [MUSIC]
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