I'm Obsessed: Scünci's Hair Cuff Ponytailer


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An easy way to inject red carpet glamour to your everyday hair styles: Scünci Hair Cuff Ponytailer. As Serrano explains in the video, stars have been giving their ponytails a little something extra by adding a few braids to the look, or turn to an embellished hair accessory to elevate one of your go-to hairstyles in your weekly rotation.

These hair accessories available in a variety of finishes including leather, gold, and silver, are incomplete cuffs that you can wrap around your ponytail and squeeze shut to elevate your go-to updo in a matter of minutes.  Stack two cuffs in the center of your ponytail, or a single one at the top, there’s endless ways to play and create a ponytail look that’s uniquely yours. 


Shop it: $6; available at Walgreens stores, visit walgreens.com for locations.  

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Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves it—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our favorites.


[MUSIC] So I love wearing different hairstyles all week long, and I'm looking at the red carpet for inspiration. Lately I have seen so many celebrities wearing really beautiful embellished pony tails. Sometimes I'll see the pony tails with different hair accessories in them, or even a few braids, just to give them a little bit more interest. So, that's why I'm currently loving these Pony Cuff's from Scunci. And you can see they're sort of incomplete rings, and they have different finishes like leather, or shiny metallics. So what you can do, Is take one and wrap it around your pony tail and you just give it a squeeze, and it will stay in place. So you can stack one or two of them in the center of your pony tail or add just one up at the top to give it a little extra something. They are so inexpensive and so much fun to play with, I'm obsessed. [MUSIC]
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