I'm Obsessed: Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Nail Polish 


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Consider your polish choice for your next #ManiMonday sorted. Sally Hansen has upped the manicure ante with its Miracle Gel polishes. No UV lights required, these shades and the line’s companion top coat will give you a long-lasting coat of color without making a salon appointment. While Serrano is partial to “Greyfitti,” there’s a number of shades to fall in love with, whether neutrals are your go-tos or you have a penchant for bold colors. Press play on the video above to find out more about why polish line should be the next one you paint on your nails.

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Shop it: $10; ulta.com.

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Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves it—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our favorites.



[MUSIC] So a little confession. I am not the best when it comes to getting weekly manicures. In fact, my nails are probably more often not painted than painted. But, I will say that I have been getting a lot better since I started using Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel formulas. In fact it's almost exclusively what I wear on my toes, because I can get almost a three week pedicure out of one application of this miracle gel. Now the top coat is what kind of seals the deal. all you need to do is apply the color coat and then the top coat on top, and then there are polymers in there that are going to do the work of giving you longevity It promises up to 14 days of long wear. It's also going to give you the shine and the look of a gel polish. So I really love their neutrals. I think that they are just a step above sort of the beiges that you find in other lines. One of my favorite is called grayfitti. If you love wearing denim jeans, chambray shirts, this looks so good against the fabric. It's a mix of blue and gray, neutral, with a slight kick to it. So between the formula and the shades, I have become obsessed. [MUSIC]
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