I’m Obsessed: Philosophy’s Cushion Color for Cheeks


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You’ve got to have your rosy cheek game down to a science by Easter Sunday, so we’re here to help. Try Philosophy’s Take a Deep Breath Cushion Color for Cheeks for a lightweight and sheer alternative to your tried-and-true blush. The gel-based formula makes for a super easy application and you can layer the product on for everything from a barely-there, subtle approach to a bombshell, look-at-me finish. Better yet, the product is available in four brunch-ready, pink-hued shades.


Shop it: $30; philosophy.com.

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[MUSIC] Hey guys, it's Angelique. And I think the secret to a natural-looking flush is using a blush that has just the slightest hint of shimmer to it and also using a formula that's really light and sheer, which is why I'm currently obsessed with Philosophy's Cushion Color for Cheeks. Now the formula comes inside this really cool cushion compact. And it feels so lightweight, it's gel based so it goes on almost like water. You can apply one layer for a very subtle glow, or you can add two or three more and build up to a blush that looks exactly like your own. This is one of my new favorites. I am obsessed. [MUSIC]
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