I'm Obsessed: Molton Brown's Rhubarb and Rose Soap and Lotion 


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Nothing awakens your skin and senses like an invigorating dose of rich fragrance in the morning. For Barfield, the ingredients for a fresh jump-start to each day is found in Molton Brown’s Rhubarb and Rose bath and body products, the latest from the brand’s line of beauty essentials. Created from a mix of rhubarb, mandarin, grapefruit, vanilla, and rose, the scent’s exotic smell can easily be slathered on with your choice of a bath and shower gel, hand wash, body lotion, or hand lotion. The multi-layered product is perfect for anyone who only douses perfume on lightly, and it lasts throughout the day. 


Shop it: Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose hand wash, $28; neimanmarcus.com. Hand lotion, $34; neimanmarcus.com. Bath & shower gel, $30; neimanmarcus.com. Body lotion, $42; neimanmarcus.com.

Watch the video above to see why Barfield is obsessed with it—and visit instyle.com/videos tomorrow to see what she loves next. 

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[MUSIC] Hi, guys. It's Kahlana. So Molton Brown just launched a new scent to their bath and body collection. It's called Rhubarb and Rose, and it smells so good. It's a mix of rhubarb, mandarin, grapefruit, vanilla and rose. And it's very exotic. It's one of those scents you put on in the morning in the shower. And it kind of lasts with you all day. Lingers around. And it's great for someone who doesn't like to wear a lot of perfume, because it's very mild. So it comes in a body wash, a body lotion, a hand wash, and a hand lotion. And I just can't get enough of it. [MUSIC]
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