I'm Obsessed: Marc Jacobs Beauty Ultra-Skinny Lash Discovering Mascara


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Marc Jacobs will debut his fall 2016 collection on Thursday and while we simply can't wait for new designs from the beloved American designer, there’s something else Jacobs-approved we’ve been enjoying immensely. Jacobs’s Feather Noir Ultra-Skinny Lash Discovering Mascara both lengthens and defines, quickly turning unruly lashes into gorgeously curled and stylized ones. The extra skinny brush ensures each and every lash is coated, resulting in a look that’s far from boring.


Shop it: $24; marcjacobsbeauty.com.

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[MUSIC] Today's obsession is the new Marc Jacobs beauty Feather Noir Ultra Skinny mascara. So if you have problematic lashes like I have, whether wild, curly, or short this will be your go to. Now what's so great about this mascara is that the wand is ultra skinny. It can work to anything. And for me, my lashes are super super wild so they need something to help tame them and I'm able to work this one from the root to the tip and they help to really really elongate them and stretch them. I also love. That I'm able to use this on my bottom lashes to give them some pop. Because they look nonexistent without it. I also love how deep and rich the formula is. Jet black, I'm obsessed. [MUSIC]
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