I'm Obsessed: Live the Process Sportswear 


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Despite their endless comfort, leggings aren't the most fashion-forward piece to sport to the gym and onto the street. But thanks to Live the Process, everyone’s favorite body-hugging go-to will have you scoring “best dressed” points during your next workout. Yes, the leggings are particularly stylish thanks to an asymmetric leaf-print design and a folded over waistband, but the American brand also creates, tops, jackets, T-shirt, shorts, outerwear, and other designer-like pieces that can easily be worn to not just break a sweat, but also to run those necessary errands. Say goodbye to your drab athletic gear and hello to chic weekend warrior.


Shop it: asymmetric leggings, $73; livetheprocess.com.

Watch the video above to see how Barfield styles her favorite designs—and visit instyle.com/videos for more our our finds.

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Hi guys, it's Kahlana. So, I love fitness. I work out all the time, and I'm always on the hunt for stylish workout clothes that don't look overly sporty. So my new obsession is a line called Live the Process. It's an American made luxury active wear line and what I love about their designs is that they have abstract patterns but they're done in neutral colors so they're easy to mix and match and I think they look very classic. I'm wearing three of the pieces right now. And what I think is great is that although I can workout in them, I can also run errands after leaving the gym and I still feel stylish. I'm obsessed. [MUSIC]
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