I'm Obsessed: Lancôme's Génifique Eye Youth Activating Eye Concentrate 

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Welcome to I'm Obsessed, a daily video series with Angelique Serrano, InStyle's beauty director. Check back every weekday to learn more about the beauty products and tools she can't get enough of.

If you have trouble remembering to apply eye cream every day, you’re not alone. Luckily, Angelique Serrano has found a product that will help you improve your memory: Lancôme's Génifique Eye Youth Activating Eye Concentrate. This cream truly does it all. The moisturizing formula hydrates the delicate eye area, antioxidants protect skin for UV rays, and salicylic acid acts as an exfoliator to slough away dead skin cells. As Serrano explains in the video above, what sets Lancôme's concentrate apart is its unique hybrid cream-gel texture that feels cool immediately upon contact, and allows it to effortlessly glide onto skin. Talk about an instant eye-opener.


Shop It: $67; lancome-usa.com.

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Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves it—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our obsessions.


[MUSIC] Hey everyone, so I will admit that I am not the greatest when it comes to remembering to wear eye cream everyday. But I have got a lot better ever since I started using this eye concentrate from Lancome. It's from their Genifique line, and it has all the thing your eye cream should have in it. It has moisturizers. It has anti-oxidants, which are going to protect your skin cells from UV damage. And it also has salicylic acid, and that helps exfoliate and get rid of the dead cells on the surface. But what really sold me was the texture. Now this texture is actually a cream gel hybrid It feels cooling right on contact. It glides right over your skin, it settles in a couple of seconds and when you put makeup on it's not going to pill, which is always kind of annoying with Some heavier eye creams. So once I started using it I miraculously started remembering more often to wear my eye cream. I am obsessed. [MUSIC]
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