I'm Obsessed: La Prairie Cellular Radiance Blush 


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Every once in a while a product comes around that’s worth the splurge. For InStyle’s beauty director Angelique Serrano, it’s La Prairie’s Cellular Radiance Cream Blush. What makes this blush so special? The formula is packed with skin nourishing vitamins A, C, and E, and silica, which absorbs excess oil for a radiant, never shiny finish.  Serrano’s favorite shade is Peach Glow, which delivers a believable wash of color that looks like your own skin rather than caked on makeup. To find out more about Serrano’s favorite blush, hit play on the video above.


Shop it: $70; nordstrom.com

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Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves it—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our favorites.


[MUSIC] So let me start off by acknowledging that I know I am obsessed with a lot of products. But I have to show you La Prairie's Cellular Radiance Cream Blush, because I have been obsessed with it for years. And the reason is, every time I wear it, someone always complements me on my Skin. Not my make up, my skin. And part of that reason is probably because the blush itself contains vitamins A and C and E so it's going to give you longterm brightening but also contains a bit of silica and that is going to help absorb excess oils throughout the day. Now the color I'd love is peach glow. So, what you're going to see is a really believable radiance that settles into your skin and looks like your complexion, not make up. Now I know it's a splurge, it's 70 dollars, but I will tell you that one compact last me for months. And it comes in a really great travelling case. So it's a really beautiful gift too. And with four shades, you will find one to suit everyone you know. [MUSIC]
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