I'm Obsessed: Glossier Flavored BalmDotCom Trio


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How do we love Glossier's BalmDotCom lip balm? Let us count the ways. In addition to giving your pout a major boost in hydration, the product moonlights as a dewy highlighter, and can even be used to smooth over rough cuticles. Recently, Glossier took their now-iconic formula and added a trio of flavors into the mix—rose, cherry, and mint, respectively. As InStyle Beauty Director Angelique Serrano notes in the video above, the cherry flavor in particular has a super-subtle pink tint that looks gorgeous solo, and can be layered over lipstick for extra drama. Hit play on the video above to find out why she's obsessed.

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Shop It: Glossier Flavored BalmDotCom Trio, $30; glossier.com.

Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves it—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our obsessions.


So I am always on the hunt for a gorgeous new lip balm. And I have to show you three of my new favorites from Glossier. These are called Balm Dotcom, and the new flavors are mint, rose and cherry. Now cherry happens to be one of my new favorites now The castor seed oil and the beeswax inside are going to give you a really nice, even, smooth finish on your lips. So, it's going to smooth out any flakiness that you might have going on and it's also going to help seal in moisture. But, what I love about Cherry is that bonus. You get a really gorgeous, rosy tint on your lips and it lasts for hours. So I'll wear that underneath my lipstick. Sometimes I'll put some on top of the lip just to give it a fresher, dewier quality. It is multipurpose. Sometimes I'll even add a bit to my skin, if it's feeling a little dry. They have become a new go to. [MUSIC]
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