I'm Obsessed: Diptyque’s Roses Scented Oval


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Despite the lyrics to one of Outkast’s early ‘00s jams, roses really don’t smell like poo. For proof, take Diptyque’s Roses Scented Oval for a spin inside your home. The results lead to a delicate, yet spot-on, recognizable mix of floral notes that’ll slowly distill into the space of your choice for months. And if roses aren’t your favorite, the beloved Parisian perfumer also creates these porcelain-encrusted medallions of fragrance in equally lust-worthy scents like Figuier (fig), Baies (roses and blackcurrant leaves), and 34 Boulevard Saint Germain (a mix of spice, fig, mosses, and blackcurrant).


Shop it: $45; barneys.com.

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Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves the oval—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our favorites.


Hey guys it's Angelique and I'm so excited to show you a chic way to decorate your home and scent it at the same time. These are scented ovals from Diptyque. What it is it's a round ceramic ring with a scented wax bar inside. And the ceramic actually helps diffuse the scent in your space for months. So you can hang a piece like this from a doorknob or a bookshelf. Or even arrange them on a coffee table. Now I am currently into the rose fragrance but they have sweet versions and even spicy scents so you can customize your space any way you like. [MUSIC]
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