I'm Obsessed: Dior's Diorshow Brow Styler Gel

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Welcome to I'm Obsessed, a daily video series with Angelique Serrano, InStyle's beauty director. Check back every weekday to learn more about the beauty products and tools she can't get enough of.

Forget learning to tame unruly brows. As Serrano explains in the video above, the runways of late prove that beauty insiders are celebrating full, naturally luscious eyebrows. And for that, we turn to Dior’s Diorshow Brow Styler Gel. This luxurious tool releases a non-stick formula that helps you define and shape your brows thanks to its brush tip. The gel is available in three shades (transparent, blonde, and brown) and is the perfect tool to keep around for last-minute touch-ups. Consider yourself runway-approved.


Shop it: $29; sephora.com.

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Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves it—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our obsessions.


[MUSIC] If you've been checking out the red carpet and the runways lately, you know that full, natural looking brows are having a big moment right now. When it comes to my own brows, I like a very natural, low maintenance approach. And this brow styler by Dior makes it so easy for me to groom my brows, little effort, no time at all. Now the tip is, it looks sort of like a spooly brush, like a mascara brush. So all you do is twist the bottom and it sends the gel up through the brush hairs So all you have to do is comb it through your brows. And it will set them in place. It'll make them a look a little bit fuller and deposit a little bit of that tinted gel so they look that much fuller and darker. It's so easy to use, I am obsessed.
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