I'm Obsessed: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

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Welcome to I'm Obsessed, a new daily video series with InStyle's fashion and beauty editor at large, Kahlana Barfield. Check back every weekday to learn more about the beauty products and tools she can't get enough of. 

As an InStyle editor, Kahlana Barfield has the inside scoop on all of the beauty industry’s latest and greatest products, announcements, and collaborations. And that’s precisely why our ears perked up when we heard her dub her today's obsession as “the most innovative beauty product I’ve seen in such a long time."

In the above video, Barfield preaches about the power of Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops ($44; sephora.com), a pure liquid pigment that rapidly hides any unwanted blemishes, plain and simple. And let’s face it: We’ve all had that one prickly zit make its confident arrival the morning of a big day. So how does it work? The formula, which sits inside a sleek black and silver mini bottle, can be used on its own or can be easily mixed with a moisturizer, serum, oil, or primer for a smooth, unnoticeable blend.


Shop it: Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops, $44; sephora.com

Watch the full video to see how Barfield enjoys using it—and visit instyle.com/videos Monday to see what she loves next.

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This product just came across my desk and I am completely obsessed. It's the most innovative beauty product I've seen in such a long time. It's Cover FX's custom color drops and it's pure pigment. Comes in a variety of shades, so there's something for everyone. And how it works is you can use it on its own, just as pure pigment to cover up a minor blemish. I have this little spot right here on my face, and I just literally just dab a little bit Rub it in and thin it out, and it completely covers it. or you can mix a drop with your moisturizer and turn it into a tinted moisturizer. I'm going to to show you exactly how it works. You take a scoop of your moisturizer. It could be a heavy moisturizer. It could be an oil. It could be a light weight moisturizer. Then just take the smallest dab, because it's so pigmented. Dab it in the middle. And then blend it out with your finger, and it turns it into a tinted moisturizer. And I love this because in the summer time, I don't really want to wear a heavy foundation or a heavy concealer. And this is gonna be much lighter but it's gonna give you just as much coverage. [MUSIC]
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