I'm Obsessed: Cover FX's Custom Infusion Drops 


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Even our favorite beauty essentials can sometimes use a little boost. Cue Cover FX’s Custom Infusion Drops, an oil-free, hydrating serum that seamlessly blends into moisturizer, oil, primer, or foundation for an extra source of vitamin concentrate and transformative results. Made with a formula that contains sodium hyaluronate, the drops can be used to calm irritated skin, prevent rapid aging, hydrate, and brighten. Available in four mixtures (chamomile, jasmine, neroli, and lemongrass), these are also super simple to dab on. 


Shop it: $48; sephora.com.

Watch the video above to learn why Barfield loves this serum—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our favorite beauty tools.

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[MUSIC] Hi guys. It's Kahlana. So, today's obsession is truly innovative, it's Cover FX's Custom Infusion Drops and this is my new go to product. And, what they are, are basically vitamin concentrates that you add to your regular moisturizer to boost the efficacy. And, depending on what your issue is you can choose a different formula. So there is the first formula is the chamomile and this is great for someone who wants calming ingredients, someone who might have irritated skin or redness and really wants to soothe that. The next one is jasmine and this is great for anti-aging so I think everybody will want that. And then there is the neroli which is great for hydration, so someone with dry skin Lastly, there's a lemon grass and this is for radiance for someone who wants a brightening effect. The way I like to use them, is I take a scoop of my moisturizer, put it in my hand, take a drop of whichever formula I want, mix it together, smooth it on, and I really see a difference. I'm obsessed.
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