I'm Obsessed: Clinique’s Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub and Lip Balms


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If it’s time to wrap up a sweet gift for a sweet gal in your life, look no further than Clinique’s Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub and Lip Balms. Available in six shades (think red velvet, orange blossom, sweet rose, and citron bleu, among others), this two-in-one product comes with a moisturizing lip balm on one side and a sugary, ultra-enhancing lip scrub on the other. Each one offers a delicious anytime pick-me-up and, to boot, will put a smile on anyone’s face, stat.


Shop it: $20; clinique.com.

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[MUSIC] Hi everyone. It's Angelique, and I wanted to show you my new first step in my skin care routine. This is Sulwhasoo's First Care Activating Serum. Now a dermatologist once told me to think of my skin like a sponge. If it's dry, it's not going to absorb much. But if it's wet, it's going to absorb a lot more. So before I put on any moisturizers, or serums, or any expensive creams, I put this on. Now, the consistency is really light-weight. It's almost like water. So it absorbs, literally, in seconds. And it leaves my skin plump, and completely primed for all of the products I'm going to apply after. I am obsessed. [MUSIC]
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