I'm Obsessed: Child Perfume 


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It’s hard to forget about the one that got away, even when it’s a fragrance. Serrano first discovered Child Perfume when reading the pages of InStyle years ago, but had trouble tracking the elusive scent—that was a celeb favorite—down. In a twist of perfume fate, the scent resurfaced when it appeared on her desk one day. Needless to say, its blend of mimosa, lilac, and rose is just as intoxicating years later and the rollerball has a permanent place in her scent rotation. Watch the video above to get all the details on one of Serrano’s favorite fragrances.


Shop it: $98; beautyhabit.com

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Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves it—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our favorites.


[MUSIC] So one of the earliest memories I have of reading InStyle Magazine goes back about 15 years. I was reading the Beauty Talk section, and within it, a celebrity was saying what she packed in her makeup bag. And she went on and on about this one particular fragrance and saying that whenever she wore it, men would stop her, women would stop her, all asking what fragrance she wore. I became obsessed with tracking down this fragrance. It's called Child and at that time, I could only find it in one boutique in LA. It's resurfaced now. It came across my desk a few weeks ago and it smells just as good as I remember. It is a floral blend and it packs mimosa, lilac, some jasmine, and rose, and tuberose, and a little bit of vanilla. It's soft, it's sweet. And it's just lightly sensual. I love it so much if you haven't yet tried it. You have to check it out. [MUSIC]
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