I'm Obsessed: Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream 


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For decades, legendary makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has waved her figurative beauty wand across the faces of now iconic models and celebrities, helping to create some of the most memorable images in fashion photography. Now, you too can glow like a supermodel thanks to Charlotte’s Magic Cream, a transformative moisturizer that’s bound to become your new best friend. Not only does the product hydrate and give your skin that must-have dewy look, it also contains floral extracts and hyaluronic acid boosters that help maintain a youthful dermis. As Barfield explains, you can also use it to enhance your makeup and highlight key points of your face. The cream comes packaged in a sleek clear and rose gold bottle, perfect . Talk about classic. 


Shop it: $100, nordstrom.com.

Watch the video above to learn why this moisturizer is so desirable—and visit instyle.com/videos tomorrow to see what Barfield is obsessed with next. 

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[MUSIC] Hi guys, its Kahlana. SO my obsession today is Charlotte Tilbury's magic cream. Obviously Charlotte Tilbury is a legendary makeup artist, so she would mix up this cream that she would use back stage on models and everybody wanted to know what was in it. Everybody wanted to own it for themselves. Well now you can own it because she launched her own cosmetics line last year. And the cream is available. It's super hydrating. It contains a ton of moisturizers, oils, vitamins a, c and e. And it also has peptides, so it has anti-aging properties. You can also use it to enhance your makeup. If you're makeup's done and you want to contour or highlight different areas of you face, you can literally dab it under your bone structure and it will really bring that out. It is really truly magical and I'm obsessed with it. [MUSIC]
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