I'm Obsessed: Charlotte Tilbury's Scent Of A Dream Fragrance


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In the market for a new scent? Charlotte Tilbury’s first fragrance is literally what dreams are made of. For the famed makeup artist’s first fragrance, she bottled up the scent of attraction. As Serrano explains in the video above, its notes include a little bit of everything to attract people to you and instantly brighten your mood, like violet, tuberose, lemon, peach, and patchouli, to name a few. Of, course Tilbury’s first fragrance can’t go without a little bit of her signature glamour. The beautiful bottle was modeled after alchemist’s potion bottles and would make a gorgeous addition to any vanity. Press play to find out what attracts Serrano to this new scent, and find out for yourself when you get your hands on your own bottle. 


Shop it: $100; charlottetilbury.com

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[MUSIC] I am so excited to share with you makeup artist Charlotte Tillbury's very first fragrance called Scent of a Dream. And I really feel like there's something in here For everyone. And if you're just a fan of gorgeous bottles to put on your bureau, this is a keeper. It was actually modelled after some of the old apothecary potion bottles from centuries ago. And in terms of the scent, there are notes in here that are meant to attract people to you. And there are also notes that are meant to brighten your mood right away So you have things like lemon and peach that keep it really light and zesty. And then you have sweeter notes like violet and tube rose that give it a beautiful floral center. And you also have woods and patchouli that sort of round it out and ground it. So like I said, I think there's something in here for everyone and it is definitely captivating. I have gotten more than a few compliments while wearing it. You should definitely check it out. [MUSIC]
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