I'm Obsessed: Benefit Cosmetics Push-Up Liner


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We can’t blame women who refuse to exit their home without wearing one of the beauty world’s most coveted elixirs, eyeliner. Its ability to enhance the eyes and help us channel our inner tigress is truly worth the extra morning legwork. And while we try to carefully apply the product time and time again, it’s common to mistakenly shake your hand and smug or smear the precious line we’ve artfully drawn. Thanks to Benefit Cosmetics’s They’re Real! Push-Up Liner, though, those days are now over. Barfield explains how the gel-filled pen’s angled tip makes room for a gentle, foolproof application. Need to get ready stat? Here’s your answer. 

Shop it: $24, sephora.com.

Watch the video above to see how Barfield suggests you use it—and visit instyle.com/videos to see what she’s obsessed with next. 

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[MUSIC] So Benefits Bare Real eyeliner is my absolute favorite eyeliner. It launched last year and it was a complete game changer because it's so simple to use. I couldn't apply eyeliner at all until I discovered this product. And what's so great about it is that it has this amazing angled applicator that's flexible and it glides right onto your lash line. Anybody can do it. And now there launching it in three new shades. In purple, blue, and brown. And I'm gonna show you how the purple looks on. Just gonna wind it up and swipe the axis on the back of my hand. Because it's a gel formula a little goes a long way. And I'm just gonna hold my eyelid and drag it from the inner corner of the eye against my lash line. And smaller strokes. And just kind of flick it out at the end. And voila. [MUSIC]
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