I'm Obsessed: Ardell’s Individuals Black Lashes


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Pump up your cool girl status in the blink of an eye with Ardell’s Individuals Black Lashes. As Serrano explains in the video above, you’ll simply need a pair of tweezers and lash adhesive to apply the sturdy, life-like pieces to each eye. The naturally curled lashes are also waterproof, meaning you can expect your boosted look to last well into the evening. And while each affordable package contains 56 individual lashes, using just a few on each eye will instantly give you an elevated, freshly pampered look.


Shop it: $4; ulta.com.

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Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves it—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our favorites.


Hi everyone, it's Angelique, and today I wanted to show you one of my favorite drugstore finds. These are Ardel Individual False Lashes. This is the secret weapon in my beauty kit. Whenever I'm not feeling too cute, I just put on a couple false lashes. They instantly transform my look. So what you wanna do is get a packet then get a pair of tweezers and some lash adhesive, and sometimes the adhesive will come with the lashes. Then take out just a few at a time using your tweezers. Put some adhesive on the back of your hand, then take one lash Dip the base of it into the adhesive. Then nestle the lash right into the roots. I usually put about two or three of these along side either eye and that's All you need. I promise the more you play with this, the more you practice, the easier it's going to get and you're going to love the way you'll look. And that's why I'm obsessed [MUSIC].
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