I'm Obsessed: Off-White Denim 

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Welcome to I'm Obsessed, a new daily video series with InStyle's fashion and beauty editor at large, Kahlana Barfield. Check back every weekday to learn more about the beauty products and tools she can't get enough of.

Making the pilgrimage to the denim department can be an exhausting journey considering the army of options available. Should you opt for ‘70s-inspired flairs or stick to the classic skinny jean? And what’s better, a high-wasted fit or a cool low-rise pair? 

In the video above, Barfield explains why her favorite pair of jeans is actually borrowed from the boys. Designed by Virgil Abloh (a close friend of Kanye WestOff-White’s denim has rapidly become the favorite of fashion and music aficionados alike. “There’s an interesting element in every pair, whether it has patchwork detail, or a graphic element or cool cut-outs,” Barfield says.

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Watch the full video above—and visit instyle.com/videos to see what she’s obsessed with next.

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[MUSIC] Hi guys, it's Kahlana. Now, I'm a denim girl. I wear jeans almost every day, and I'm always on the hunt looking for new designers, different styles. And my current obsession are a pair that I'm wearing now. They're from a brand called Off White. It's a very buzzy brand. The founder's name is Virgil Abloh, he's one of Kanye West's good friends. And what I love about his jeans is that there's a interesting element in every pair. So whether it has patchwork detail, or a graphic element, Or cool cut outs. There's something very fun about them that makes them different. The pair that I'm wearing are actually men's jeans. I am very guilt of shopping in the men's department for jeans. I love the look of a baggy jean with a heel and a fitted top. I think it's super sexy. So these are my new my new go tos.
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