We Tried It: Full-Body Microdermabrasion 

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How do beauty editors get ready to bare their skin for summer? Here’s a hint: they’ll try just about anything. It’s all about shedding that dull winter skin for a summer glow. So this year, they’ve left the work to the pros — and we caught it all on camera for our “We Tried It” video series, above. InStyle Executive Editor Kim Peiffer is on a mission to get silky smooth skin for summer, so she turned to celebrity facialist to the stars Joanna Vargas and her Manhattan spa to get a head-to-toe glow.

In the clip above, Peiffer experiences her first full body microdermabrasion treatment, which deeply exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells to reveal baby-soft arms and legs. The result? Velvety smooth skin just in time for bikini season.  

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Watch Peiffer in the mini clip above, then watch the full episode of We Tried It: Summer Beauty Treatments featuring Essence Fashion and Beauty Director Julee Wilson’s Coolsculpting (a fat-reducing body treatment with Dr. Aviva Preminger) and People Style and Beauty Director Andrea Laventhal's Armpit Botox (which reduces sweating). 

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Hey guys, I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here today at Joanna Vargas salon and I'm about to get full body microdermabrasion I'm very excited, let's go check it out. [MUSIC] What is full body microdermabrasion? So full body microderm is a really great treatment that includes the full body exfoliation. We also do a hot towel cleanse and full body moisturization with it. What is so great about full body? You know, a lot of times in winter, especially in New York, we're covered. So this gives you a chance to It really explode the area. Get it ready for summer. It really gets the skin prepped for being exposed.>> Is it okay to exfoliate regularly. Or should you hold off before you're getting the treatment.>> Exfoliating is okay. Try not to do it a few days before you come and When you come come with clean skin no lotion is better because you want the skin to be a little bit almost rough. Cuz the dirt can come off this year. And we thought they are immediate correct? They are immediate. It feels like a baby. Are you ready? Let's do it. Let's do it. Okay. That doesn't hurt at all. It feels like someone is just using like a vacuum on my leg. Yeah. It's a little bit of a suction. How is this different than facial microdermabrasion? So it's pretty much the same concept only we're using it on the body. Cuz the body can handle more. The skin on the body tends to be tougher. So what is the post-care treatment like? So you want to avoid further exfoliation for the next couple days. You can shave, but wait for two days. Make sure you moisturize the skin, although we're sending you away nice and moisturized. Definitely avoid the sun cuz any exfoliation makes you more photosensitive But yeah, just keep the skin really hydrated. Extra water is always a bonus. [MUSIC] Now that we're finished with the exfoliation, we're gonna do the hot towel cleanse. And this helps to really get the rest of the dead skin cells off. So we're going to do the moisturization part because this leaves you extra soft. Okay Kim, we're all set. Feel your new skin, it should feel baby soft. My gosh. That feels amazing. Awesome. That feels really good. You're all set for summer. Thank you so much.
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