Watch an Airbrush Makeup Virgin Use a Temptu for the First Time

Intro Deck: 

Piece of cake.

I'm a beauty editor, so there aren't a ton of beauty tools I haven't seen or tried. But, a couple weeks ago, I had my first run-in with the raved about Temptu Airbrush makeup machine, and I'll admit, I was pretty daunted. How does one use this by themselves?!

I was up to the task at hand, but obviously, I wanted to document my first tango with the Temptu so everyone could see what it's really like. So what happened? For one thing, my skin looked insane — as in, seamlessly blended and smooth. Check out the vid below to see how I fared for yourself. 

It's safe to say I'm obsessed, and the application was seamless. You can get your own at-home airbrush system from Temptu online at ($305;

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