Throw a Chic Super Bowl Party with These Tips from Entertaining Expert Jung Lee

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Here at InStyle, we take Super Bowl parties seriously—which is why we tapped Jung Lee, co-founder of N.Y.C.-based event planning company Fête and owner of a chic home-decor store for a few ace tips. “You want it simple and elegant, even though it’s a Super Bowl party,” Lee says. In the video above, the entertaining expert provides fun suggestions on everything from macho growlers and football-shaped brownies to sophisticated serving ideas like leather coasters and festive Astroturf. And what better way to ring in the championship game's golden anniversary than with an easy DIY gold football? 

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Check out the video for Lee’s full list of tips and tricks.


[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Jen Lee and I'm the owner of FET, an event planning company here in New York and today I'm gonna show you how to throw a super easy and fun Super Bowl party. You can't have a Superbowl party with some spicy wings, carrots and celery, and blue cheese, and a make yourself taco bar. What's great about a taco bar is the host does very little, because all you're doing is putting things in a bowl, and then the guests have to do their own work and they can choose if they want it spicy, more cheese, less poultry, less chicken. And my tip is have it where it's near the TV so people can nosh on it while they're watching the game. And then I've got all different sorts of sliders, tuna to beef and turkey. So whatever you want, and little picks with the pennant. And you can pick these up really anywhere, even at the supermarket they carry them. And to finish it off, the football brownies are really, really easy to make. All you need is a tray of brownies. You can just stamp them out with the little oval cutter and then just do white royal icing and you've got yourself a football brownie. [MUSIC] You want it simple and elegant even though it is a Super Bowl party. So here I've got a little bit of Astroturf right, you can pick this up anywhere just to make it fun. My leather coasters and the stitching on this really looks like a football doesn't it? Growlers make for a perfect Super Bowl. Feels very American. Glasses. Just get any tall ones. These aren't quite Pilsner but they will do just fine. And again just anything that feels masculine. That's what I think about when I think about Super Bowl. Every table need a center piece. So my football have to be gold because it is the golden anniversary for Superbowl. We found this nerf football and we sprayed them in gold, because you know what, I Googled gold nerf football, it doesn't really exist. So if doesn't exist, make it happen on your own. I love competition. When people first come in, I give them some beer and then I printed up these little jerseys with their initials and they have to choose. I put myself right in the middle cuz you know what, I'm all about the halftime. But for the guest they really do need to pick and choose. And that's how you throw a super easy and fun Super Bowl party. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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