Nail Art Know-How: Piano Keys

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Welcome to #ManiMonday, a video series in which we show you how to create original nail art designs from a new pro every month. 

Whether you're a nail art newbie or a self-taught pro with a striper brush, you'll love painting on this simple, yet striking pattern, reminiscent of piano keys. "My inspiration for the nail looks were skyscrapers and windows. I also have a fascination with bold vertical lines," says manicurist Gina Edwards, who created this look. While it offers visual impact, the design's clean lines give it a modern edge that doesn't feel overwhelming. Bonus: The thin stripes have an elongating effect on nails. Check out the steps, then pick up a brush - here's to nailing your next #ManiMonday!


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Colonna with In Style and I am here with Chrissy Teigen's hair stylist, David Lopez. And he is going to teach us how to get her signature waves. Okay David, I'm obsessed with these waves. Totally is something you can do yourself at home. The first step with you however was adding some clip in extensions. We wanted to add some really dramatic length, because that's the secret to this look. How sensual it is, how beachy it is. Just divide your hair in two pig tails in half Then what you're going to want to do, is take those two pigtails and divide them in half again. So you have four large sections. I'm using a 1.25 inch clip iron. Okay this is from T3, I have it on a level four heat setting. This is my little secret, I just untwist and unravel and then slide out all the way at the end and I get this really loose Wave here. You wanna vary the sections that you're doing so you wanna work really large two inch sections, switch to one inch sections and that's gonna help you go along a little faster as well. Okay. So as we're moving up doing this same thing and what you wanna do is start near the root. This take a little bit of practice but I'm telling you I have shown so many girls how to do this and once they get the hang of it it's just like magic,they just breeze right through it. Now here again, this is the trick here, okay. You're gonna wanna unwind and then just gently slide it out to the very end, okay. Everyone has a flat iron. Everyone has a curling iron. You can use both to create this look. I find that it looks as natural as possible. We're moving further and further away from really done hairstyles, where people want to feel polished but not necessarily look like they spent hours doing it. It almost looks like As effortless as possible. That's how I wanna look. That is how we all wanna look, don't we? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] On either side of your head, you're gonna wanna make sure that the hair is being fed on top of the barrel. See? Now the ends are going towards the face. Okay. If at home you have naturally wavy hair, work with that natural wave texture. If you have curly hair, take a blow dryer and just give your self a paddle brush with it. You wanna get what I call straight puff. You just want it to have still some texture in it. And then you can work from there. Now, I'll show what I did do with the flat iron. Now we've seen this a lot, it's just nice to mix in the two textures. I'm going to do positive, negative wave. So I'll come in at the top here, give a slight bend and another slight bend and just keep moving downwards. So what I like to do, this is what I call a canopy. This is the canopy of the hair. So in the canopy area, I like to use the flat iron just to give it that really nice, soft wave And this is what I mean by positive, negative. So we're going over and under, over and under just creating that really nice soft wave there. And then right at the very front here there's a little section here that makes a little triangle. I always use the 1.25. And what you wanna do is, again on top of the barrel, yank that towards the face just like that. You wanna give it a bend, like it was tucked behind the ears. The layers around the face, have them go towards the face. If you have everything moving away It still feels a little bit done. Right. Does that make sense? Yeah, sometimes it almost looks like a feathered- Yeah, it starts looking a little feathered and when you do the hair around the face going towards the face, it starts feeling a little more natural and kind of effortless. Okay. Remember, you're alternating the amount of hair you're taking at a time. So right now, this is like a nice thick section of hair that I'm taking. And other times I'm gonna take some smaller sections. Okay, so as I'm moving up I'm gonna go back to my flatiron waves. I'm mixing it in. If you wanted to do even just the flatiron and this or just the 1.25 and the one inch, you could use the one inch. So this is what I call my detail tool because I'm able to still create a little more volume In the hair by taking just randomly around the head. I'm gonna take about half inch sections like this, and just very loosely wrap. And just build even more texture into the interior of the hair. Because when you mix in the variety of textures you get more body, you get more volume. And then it just looks a little more natural. I like to use just a wide tooth comb and as I'm working I kind of like to just keep taking what I call an inventory of what's happening in the hair. So I just keep looking and checking, I don't want to see any kind of like bounces or bends happening I want it to feel very effortless. Fluid. Right, like this to me looks a little too curled so I'm gonna Kick that out in the ends a little bit. Yes. Look at this hair. Yes ma'am. I love it. Obsessed. I like the shine mist on the ends because they're super lightweight and they just break up the texture a little bit, make it feel a little more lived in. And then, you can go into a thickening spray. Beautiful. Beautiful. I love it. So that's it. That's super simple and easy Well, I am ready for the catwalk [LAUGH]. Yes, giving me everything [LAUGH]. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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