Try This Sweet Twist on Your Traditional Margarita in Honor of National Margarita Day

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Turn that Monday frown upside down—it's National Margarita Day! In honor of one of our favorite celebrations of the year, we present a fabulous Molé Margarita recipe from Nathan O'Neill, head bartender at N.Y.C. hotspot The NoMad Bar. The secret is in Bittermens Molé bitters ($19;, which adds a delicious kick of Mexican chocolate. Whip up a batch tonight using the recipe in the video above. 


[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Nathan O'Neill. We're here, today, at the Nomad bar, and I'm gonna make you a drink the National Margarita Day. Today we're gonna do a twist on a classic margarita which is originally made up of lime, triple [UNKNOWN] and tequila. We're gonna make the Mole Margarita. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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