This Sexy Statement Lip Is Daringly Bold, Yet Totally Divine

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We love a good bright lipstick, but there's a fine line between an on-trend statement lip, and an overwhelming effect that competes with the rest of your look. To make sure you never fall into the latter category, InStyle Beauty Director Kahlana Barfield teamed up with makeup artist Joanna Simkin to get her best tips on creating a bold lip that won't come off too strong. The secret? Working in layers. Simply apply your favorite hue directly from the tube, blot the color down with a tissue and your finger, reapply, then blend out. Watch the video above for the complete breakdown!

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Hi, my name is Kahlana Barfield, beauty director at InStyle magazine. If you love the look of a bold lip but don't want it to look too intense, we're gonna show you an easy way to tone it down. So the first thing you wanna do is apply your lip color straight from the tube, gently dabbing it onto the bottom of the lip and to the center of the top lip. Using your fingers, press the color along the lip line, working your way down and out. This will give the color a nice diffused look. [MUSIC] Blot the lipstick with tissue and then reapply to intensify and to help it stay put. Apply again to the top and bottom lip and then use your finger, working the color outward. [MUSIC]
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