How to Throw an Easy but Chic Oscars Viewing Party

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The Academy Awards is one of the most glamorous evenings of the year—even if you are sitting at home watching on the couch. That is to say if you follow the tips in the video above from Jung Lee, co-founder of event planning company Fête and owner of home goods store Jung Lee NY online and in N.Y.C.

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What better way to celebrate the Feb. 28 ceremony (and all of those show-stopping gowns and dapper tuxedos) than by throwing a soirée worthy of its own sparkling gold statue? Above, Lee dishes advice on everything from decor (tons of flattering candlelight will make you "look like a movie star") to classy snacks, like elegant canapés and festive gold-dusted popcorn. Watch the video for Lee's full list of tips, and get those invites going.


[MUSIC] Hi, My name is Jung Lee and I am the owner of Fete, an event planning company here in New York. And today I'm going to show you how to throw and easy and chic Oscar party. First step is choose a very simple color. Today I've chosen black and gold and mix and match because quite frankly when you do that your table will become that much more decadent and lush. What's really important to me is getting different heights, anything can go as long as there's some reflection. There's gold, there's white, there's glass, there's plastic And tons of candlelight. It will go a long, long way. You will look like a movie start with these candles. I love doing cocktails. But instead of doing the typical big bottles, I did the little minis. Wrap them up in a little gold foil and Add it with a little gold straw, super chic and easy right? And then so make sure you've got lots of small foods that people can eat and drink and they don't get too crazy too early on in the evening, right. I've got little Bellini, caviar, Clam [UNKNOWN] super duper easy, champagne flutes. I put ice in it, have the shrimp laying on it, really simple and elegant. Some beef tenderloin with lettuce, horseradish, and again, a little bit of chive goes a long way. Some different small canapes with some smoked salmon. Lots of different tapenades, again, really easy. As the evening progresses you obviously wanna get some sweets and popcorn. So what is an Oscar party without some amazing Popcorn So I've just dusted mine with edible gold spray and foil which is easy to do and when the guests first arrive I make everyone fill in who they think is going to be the best movie best actor best actress down the line including the red carpet which is the most fun to watch and then whoever gets the most wins the Oscar of chocolate
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