How to Host a Fun & Fabulous Valentine's Day Party

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Brace yourself: Valentine's Day is coming.

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The holiday is traditionally for couples, but entertainment expert Jung Lee doesn't see it that way. This year, she's hoping you'll throw a fun and fabulous Valentine's Day party for your single friends with items from Jung Lee NY and your paired-up pals alike. 

RELATED: Long-Wear Lipsticks That Won’t Kiss Off This Valentine's Day

Lee, owner of event planning firm Fête and home decor store Jung Lee New York, usually saves her services for A-list celebrity clients but is dishing out her chic advice to us! Watch our video above to nab her easy guide to planning the perfect Valentine's soirée (spoiler alert: romantic candlelight and red lipstick are musts!). From what to serve your guests to how to decorate, follow Lee's advice for a Pinterest-worthy V-Day party.


[MUSIC] Hi. My name is Jung Lee and I'm the owner of Fete, an event planning company in New York. And today, I'm gonna show you how to do a really fun and fabulous Valentine's Day This Valentine's day I wanted to put a little spin on it. So instead of everyday little rolls we've done little tear drop shaped halves and together they make up beautiful little hearts. My vinegar [UNKNOWN] for my soy sauce. And red lacquer chop sticks. Making today a little bit extra special. I know most people don't have stalky glasses in their house, but I bet you've got shot glasses. So use that for your stalky glasses. We have to end with a really fun sweetness. So I've got candied hard apples with an arrow in it. It's just a stick inside of it and I used washi tape and just really cute macaroons with heart shaped, little heart candies, gum drops Yummy M&M's, anything red and fun, cuz these small things will really bring your table to life in a beautiful way. You've invited your friends to this really fun Valentine's Day get together. Insist that they wear red. You know what? They need to be part of this awesome decor that we put together. So when your friends arrive, they're in their fabulous red outfits Give them one of these sparking cocktails. And as you've got a little nice buzz happening, you can take fun silly pictures with them. Heart glasses, lips that are edible. But what I love to do for a guy or a girl is insist that they put on some red lipstick. And then they kiss my book, and write the note. So your Valentine's soiree really needs to look fabulous and super sophisticated. So while I like hearts I don't love hearts. So I much prefer x's and o's. So I've basically just cut out x's and o's, created a little streamer of it. It's just it's festive and it's welcoming for when people first arrive The decor you should keep it simple. Monochromatic is really the way to go. So in this instance because it's Valentine's day I went with the traditional red. I love doing that. So as you can see I brought out all my red glasses, candle light, anything, even objects like a little cookie jar that's red, that enhances your decor And that's how you throw a really romantic yet fun Valentine's Day soiree. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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