VIDEO: How to Get Toned Legs Like Khloé Kardashian's 

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How does Khloé Kardashian maintain her gorgeous gams? With a lot of hard work and some very interesting fitness moves, as I recently found out firsthand. I visited celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson, Khloé’s go-to gam man, inside his L.A. studio, where Kardashian-Jenner #fitspo dreams are made of (and where a lot, of lunging goes down on a daily basis).

In the video above, I step onto what looks like a mini ice skating rink to sculpt my legs from calf to glute. As I learn the hard way, this is way harder than it looks. But hey, if it works for Khloé, it's worth a try.

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Watch the video above to learn how to secure a behind like Kardashian’s.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with the one and only Gunnar Peterson. He's going to show us today how to get legs Khloe Kardashian using this crazy cool machine. It's gonna take more than this machine, but this is definitely one of the ingredients in the final product. Okay. So how do we do it? So hop on the slide. Watch out, it's like getting on a frozen pond. Okay. And you're gonna push on one side to the other. But on this one, the octagon, you can use direction changes. Right? Now you make that look really easy. Well, you know. We all have our skills. Okay, let me try. All right. So start in the middle, or start on the side? No, start on the side. Push off inside leg. Throw it to generate some momentum. Yep, yep. This is fun! Well, for the first two reps. Now do this, when you get here bring your inside arm across your body, touch, lift the inner leg and throw it. I like how you combined the touch with the controlling fall. And so how many reps of something like this would you do? So I probably have you do 10 in one direction and then I have you hit, go yellow. Yellow. Black. Black. I love it, my heart Heart pounding. A little out of breath. And definitely. [UNKNOWN] Can we roll it up and take it to go? I love it. [LAUGH] Folds like a sandwich. That's amazing. Thanks so much. Love it.
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