Want to Get Karlie Kloss's Beachy Glow? Watch This 

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Attempting to emulate a supermodel's makeup routine may sound like an unrealistic (and incredibly time-consuming) feat. But thanks to Sir John, celebrity makeup artist for L'Oréal Paris, we now know how to do the job effortlessly.

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The contouring pro, who is also responsible for helping Beyoncé, Chrissy Teigen, and Jennifer Lopez achieve their red-carpet ready looks, sat down with InStyle's Kim Peiffer to share exactly how to replicate model-of-the-moment Karlie Kloss's signature beachy glow. Yes, we mean that epic luminosity that's become her signature.

The secret, according to John, is to play with light by using a highlighter, bronzer, and eye shadow to create an architectural contour. "I love this look because it's very bold, yet very approachable," he says. Watch the video above to learn exactly how to step out looking every bit as catwalk ready as Kloss.   

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[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Kim with In Style. I'm here with celebrity make up artist Sir John, who's going to show us how to recreate the look that he did on Karly Kloss. So what's the first step? So the first step today is gonna be all about adding a bit of light into the face. So I want to reflect light by highlighting. So what I'm actually using right now is a cream highlighter, and I'm using on the high planes of the cheekbone. I'm using my ring finger. The ring finger's really good, because it doesn't pick up a lot of product. And this has a huge impact on the end result of your makeup, because it's never overdone. So we're working on the brow, highlight the high planes of the cheekbones, maybe a bit down the bridge of the nose. Don't go all the way done, just maybe Bit between the eyes and what this does is it reflects light. After you're done highlighting, what we're gonna do is we're gonna turn to low light and give the face a sense of, like, architectural contour. I'm gonna take a cream bronzer and we're gonna start to add more dimension. So it's all about lowlighting and highlighting And this is really great for me to use on Carly because we are really pressed for time. This is for someone who doesn't have a lot of time but they want more impactful makeup. It's super radiant. It's super brilliant to look at. Now I'm going to go to eyes and I'm going to do a demi-smoke. What is demi-smoke? Demi-smoke is a very minimal version of the smoky eye. I'm going to start by using.. [MUSIC] A sponge-tipped applicator that has shadow built in to it. I'm using L'Oreal smokey sheen and brown, but you can use any brown or shimmery gun-metal shadow, and it doesn't even have to be brown. You can use an Aubergeen, use a navy, but the goal here for demi smoke is to keep it really contained to your lashes. The goal for this look is to take the color and do one continuous line, all the way around your lash line, top and bottom. And after you're done, take your finger and smudge. It's that simple. So after you're done blending with your fingers, ladies, the pro tip is to take a little bit of concealer on your brush, and clean up any [UNKNOWN] Edges. Just to make sure the lines are diffused and everything seems neat. [MUSIC] So now we're gonna go for mascara. Want you start at the root like you're brushing your teeth back and forth. And then wiggle up. And what that's gonna do is gonna deliver a lot of product to the base of your lash. Which is gonna give you a ton of volume [MUSIC] There you go. I love this look cause it's very bold yet very approachable. [MUSIC]
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