VIDEO: How to Get a Body Like Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba always looks toned to perfection, thanks to a committed fitness routine and the guidance of celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza. In the video above, Braganza shows us a move she has done on Alba to tone her entire body and help correct posture, which leads to a slimmer appearance overall.

VIDEO: How to Get Abs Like Jessica Alba's

The moves begin with a weighted sumo squat to tone the legs and glutes, which then transforms into a deltoid raise that works the muscles of the back and arms. This particular move also helps to train the body to stand up straight, which creates an illusion of a taller, fitter physique.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza. Hello. Hi, Kim. Thank you for coming. She has trained Jessica Alba who just looks phenomenal. Hello, if I could have anybody's body, I think it would be Jessica Alba's. [LAUGH] And she's real. She talks about how she works out, eats healthy. It's a lifelong thing for her. Yes. And so today you're going to show me a move that really tones the overall body. It's great for your legs and really great for posture. A lot of people will see these celebrities and say wow they're so tall, and a lot of times it's their posture. So. And, you're gonna do a sumo squat first. So, legs apart, keep them a little wider than hips. So, you're gonna go down into a squat, almost like a regular squat, but a little lower. Good. And, keep your head looking forward and chest up, good, now come back up. And, as you stand up you raise your elbows as high as you can, that works your rear delts and it also works your traps back here so go back down to the ground and stand it back up again. Good. Keep going. And this is super easy until you add a little bit of weight. And if you don't have any weights, water bottles will work. How many pound weights does Jessica use on this? You can use up to five pounds. So we've got about two or three here on each arm. And when you stand up try to squeeze the glutes so that really gets an added little oomph back there. And then in between your legs here, you can feel that working the lower you go. Good. And your elbows go as high as they can go as you stand up and breathe out. Lift. Good. And she's got great posture. So the main thing is to do it slow in control, in maybe 20 reps? And plus she looks so great in her strapless gowns on the carpet, right? Because she's standing tall, her arms are toned, her chest is out. She's toned from head to toe. Yeah. Exactly. Thank you so much.
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