Watch: How to Get Chrissy Teigen's Fab Gilded Eye


The truth is, Chrissy Teigen doesn’t need layers upon layers of makeup—she's that gorgeous. But when jumping to and from photo shoots, co-costing Lip Sync Battle, and prepping for date night with none other than John Legend, a girl needs some extra glow.

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Cue Sir John, the artist responsible for helping Teigen, and other stars, achieve her unmistakable gilded eye as L’Oreal Paris’s celebrity makeup artist. Because John has the answer to almost every pressing beauty quandary, InStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large Kahlana Barfield met with him to find out exactly how to replicate Teigen’s luminous look on the red carpet.

The secret, as Barfield learns, is contrast. John uses L’Oreal’s La Palette Nude powder eye shadow as a matte balancing agent—he suggests any dark gray or brown shawdow—before applying a gold shimmer down the center. “I chose this look because it’s really light catching,” Sir John says. "When you’re on the red carpet or even if you’re at a candlelit dinner with your husband, it creates visual contrast, which everyone needs in their makeup regime.” Watch the video above to see the dynamic duo tackle each step. 

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kalana with In Style and I'm here today with makeup artist Sir John and he's gonna teach us how to get Chrissy Teigen's gilded eye. Okay, so John, what's the first step? Okay, today Kalana the first step is going to be to usher in a bit of contrast. And the contrast is gonna come in the form of a shimmer against matte. So are you gonna use powder shadow or crim shadow? I'm gonna use powder shadow. The powder shadows are easier, they're gonna be easier to use during the day, and also they last a lot longer. The palette I'm using now is La Palette Nude from L'Oreal Paris. But you can guys can use any matte grey or any matte brown that happens to veer on the cooler side. Cooler colors. I wanna recede where warmer colors don't. I'm actually starting at the lash line with the darkest matte that I have. And what this is gonna do is gonna lend a really three dimensional architectural quality to the eyes by adding shimmer down the center of the lid. You're gonna get a three dimensional quality that is quite aspirational but in a different juxtaposition. Using my ring finger now because it's the weakest finger. It picks up the least amount of product. And it's going to deliver a fairly even for distribution of your product or your shadow on your lids. Is this something that works for all skin tones? This is super easy. Anyone can adapt this. It doesn't matter what complexion you are. The deeper your complexion, I would veer on the side of choosing a warmer metallic. Yeah. So if you're a little bit more fair, choose a, a cooler or yellow-based gold. When approaching Chrissy Teigen for the red carpet, I chose this look because it, it's really light-catching. So what this is gonna do, when you're on the red carpet. Or even if you're at a candle-lit dinner with your husband. Is that it actually gives you a lot of attention to the eyes. It creates visual contrast which everyone needs in their makeup regime. I think there's something so great about gold because it's a neutral and it just adds a bit of punctuation to any outfit that you're wearing. Or any look. Any look. Absolutely. [MUSIC]
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