VIDEO: The Tone It Up Girls Demo the Ultimate Bikini Abs Workout


Want the ultimate six-pack? Then look no further than the Tone It Up Girls. After all, we don’t know anyone who loves a bikini more than TIU co-founders Karena and Katrina. But what’s the best move for getting washboard abs? We invited the girls into our New York City studio to show us an exclusive InStyle ab workout that can be done right in your own living room.

To perform the move, come down into a plank position so that your shoulders are right over your wrists. Holding your abs tight, draw your belly button into your spine and hold. Next, bring your right knee to your right elbow, squeezing those obliques. To add a booty move to the mix, kick the foot up to work the glutes. Alternate sides, performing 10-20 reps on each side, three times.

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This move targets the oblique muscles, which give you those beautiful lines on your waistline. Now you’re ready for bikini season!



[MUSIC] Hi I'm Kim with with InStyle Im here with the tone is up girl Karena and Katrina hello girls>hello>> and today They are gonna show us the ultimate move for getting a six-pack. Yeah, this one is so good for that waistline, so I'm gonna train both of you. And you at home, we want you to try this too. So come down into a plank position, and so your shoulders are right over your wrists. Your abs are tight, draw your belly button into your spine. That's perfect. Now bring your knee to your elbow, squeezing those obliques. So that's where you're gonna get those beautiful lines on the side. And then you alternate sides. And then what are bikini abs without a bikini booty? Yeah.>> You get a two for it right here if you want, yeah. [LAUGH] kick the foot up and work that tush. How does it feel? I mean it burns [LAUGH]. I'm glad that you're here too, that makes me feel better [LAUGH]. Keep going, good form, and we love to this move 10-20 times in about 3 sets And try doing this three days a week. You got that? Good job. That was awesome!. That was great. Good job. Good job. Our abs are ready for a bikini. [LAUGH] Thank you.
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