How to Get Abs Like Gigi Hadid


Envious of Gigi Hadid's washboard abs? So are we. The model loves to rock a crop top and shows off her seriously impressive stomach in her latest Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign. One look at those photos and we knew it was time to find out her secret. As a result, we booked a session with Gotham Gym and G-Box founder Rob Piela, who has personally worked with the supermodel.

At New York City's G-Box, Piela guided me through a hardcore move to target all the major abdominal muscles and I definitely felt the burn. Start out by lying on your back with your arms above your head. Next, bring your arms up and around in a circular motion as you lift your legs into a V-position—and focus on using your abs.

If the move feels pretty easy, you can level-up by skipping the circle and just bringing up your arms and legs into a V-position and then lying back down.

Piela recommends doing 10 reps of these exercises every other day (and doing crunches on the other days). With such a simple movement, you can sculpt your abs into Gigi Hadid perfection at the gym or in the comfort of your home.

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Watch the video above for the full tutorial.


[MUSIC] Hi, guys. I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with Rob Piela, founder of Gotham Gym and G-Box. And today we're going to do a killer ab move—which I'm very scared, but excited about—to get abs like Gigi Hadid. So let's get her abs. OK so you're going to lay on your back, you're going to bring your arms up. OK. Circle them around, and bring your knees into your chest. So down, circle your arms around, and bring them into your chest. Alright. Three. Good, you want to pull your naval into your spine as best you can. Inhale, and lean back Exhale on the way up, and bring it in, good. Circle it around and bring it in, perfect. On your way down, you want to make sure that your back stays glued into the floor, your belly button gets pulled into your spine. OK. The advanced version of that is your arms stay straight, and you've gonna go like a V. So you're not gonna bend your knees at all, you're gonna, Come straight up. Like that? That's perfect. That's really hard. You're strong that's good. I'm at 10, 9, Whoa, whoa, whoa, 10? 8, yeah good pull that belly button in. 7, the only thing that I would watch for this if you are doing them at home and you've figured it out already, you kinda bring up the feet up at the same time as your arms, a lot of people with their feet up first and they pitch their upper body back. So you want to come up at the same time. And this is working all the major muscles in the abs? All the major muscles in the abs, that's right. Definitely feel that. One more. Good. That burns. That's a good move, I like it. Yeah, it's a great move. How many times a week should we be doing this? You can do abs almost every day. I would do this maybe every other day and then in between and you do crunches on opposite day something a little bit later. This is a bit of a heavy exercise. OK. But that's what it takes right? That's what it take. [CROSSTALK] Cool. Thanks so much. Thank you.
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