Video: How to Get a Body Like Jennifer Lopez

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She's hot, hot, hot. Not only is Jennifer Lopez's career on fire, but so is her enviable figure. Ever since she shook her assets in her infamous "Booty" video, we can't help but notice that the star's figure is looking sexier than ever before (which is saying quite a lot, because to us, J. Lo has always been sexier than thou).

Want a body like hers? No problemo. We paid a visit to J. Lo's personal trainer--fitness expert and creator of her namesake Method, Tracy Anderson, who shared the secrets to getting Lopez's phenomenal physique. Warning: It's a lot of hard work, so don't think you can achieve that beautiful booty and those rock hard abs overnight, but trust us, it's worth ever sweaty moment. We felt the burn after just a few classes, so we can only imagine the ever-evolving results Anderson would be able to help us achieve if we committed on a life-term basis.

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Anderson, who is also responsible for Gwyneth Paltrow's lean physique and Madonna's super toned bod (just to name a few of her other A-list clientele) prides herself on an exercise program that is treated as a lifestyle, helping to shape women all around the globe into the best version of themselves. She is tiny but tough, strong-willed but completely compassionate, and knowledgable as hell when it comes to how to train the human body and get the results you want. Bottom line? J. Lo loves her, Paltrow is her business partner, and we've developed a soft spot for her. She's just plain cool.

Watch the clip above for the exclusive video with Tracy, who shows off a few of the exact moves she does with J.Lo, and learn more about Anderson's Method on her website. Added bonus: Now you can actually work out with Tracy no matter what continent you're on, thanks to her array of calorie-torching DVDs and her brand new live-stream class, which is bringing her star-powered workouts to your own living room on a weekly basis.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim Peiffer with Instyle. I'm here with fitness expert Tracy Anderson who is responsable for some of the most amazing bodies in the world. You work with amazing clients. Both celebrity and Non celebrity Thank you for saying that. Yes, I, that's true, [LAUGH] Amazing woman all over the world take your class. And look so good. Jennifer Lopez is one of your famous clients. She always looks good. She looks, a new level. She looks phenomenal. What is she doing? She's doing my method. [LAUGH] but, you know what, I actually. She's so beautiful inside and out that it's a pleasure to work with her. So this past summer cuz I'm, I'm not personally for hire anymore and this past summer I said, you know, I'm gonna actually do Jennifer's sessions myself and so she and I started working together where I instead of just doing my method, I, I actually came in and. Started training her myself and she's just amazing. She looks incredible. Thank you. Everybody's talking about it, she looks so good. So what can you do to not be Jenifer Lopez but to kind of get on her same Regime and get some of her. Yeah so I am all about you being your most beautiful self but I, I wouldn't mind. Looking like Jennifer Lopez. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I have, I have to give her that. Like, she's truly a beautiful, beautiful woman. So, these moves are not gonna, I mean, they're not gonna make you Jennifer Lopez but, they're gonna definitely target one of her most famous, body parts, her booty parts. Right? [LAUGH] The booty is really having a moment isn't it? Well I, we, we worked really hard for her booty video. So, it's really hard for that video, because I, I always get really excited when any of my clients are gonna be naked or almost naked. [LAUGH] It's a challenge, right? In fact, any time most people are like, and you're gonna be naked, right? [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] And you're gonna at least be bra and underwear, right? Like, but just get naked. Okay? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] And literally right before Jennifer comes in, I'm like, but I think you can go smaller with those, and she's just like, well you, and I'm like, no, I think you can go. With the booty shorts? I really literally would be so fine with them all being naked. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So you trained really hard for that video. A lot of. Intense booty moves Yeah absolutely theres a lot of, we focused a lot on the booty for sure. Okay so we're going to get down in this little position where we bend our left leg front our right leg back. Good job, and we're going to reach forward and were gonna do a small lift with the back leg and then a, a higher lift. So were gonna go short with our range. Range of motion and then high. And you're going to rock forward, lift it up, come back. Use more momentum, you're going to come down on your elbow, lift it even higher. Okay? And that counts as one repetition, not two. So here we go. Two. And come down on the elbow and lift. Get up higher. And. Oh yeah, I feel like after two. Yup, good job. And Jennifer actually wears ankle weights, with these moves. Does, she does not! We do. We both do, actually, yeah. How much are the ankle weights. So, you can do, can get, 1.5 pound ankle weights for this movement. And then the next movement that I'm gonna show you, I would actually sometimes make her put on a two and a half pound ankle weight on top of the one and a half pound ankle weight. That's intense. Yeah. I don't yell at anyone, but I'm kind of mean. [LAUGH] I'm quiet mean. You have to be queen to get, mean to get results, right? [INAUDIBLE]. I mean it all. That was smart to get results. So, so now what you're gonna do is you're gonna lay down on your shoulder here. And you have options with your neck here of where, where what feels comfortable. I really want you to feel like just like you curled up on the floor here comfortable. Okay? So you're gonna bend. Raise your left knee up over your, your you're gonna raise your left hip up over your left knee and extend and rotate your right leg out to an open diagonal. So you need to rotate the knee to the ground, rotate it to the ground, ground, ground, ground, ground, ground, ground, ground. And lift it higher, higher, higher. No, no, no, no, no. You're opening like this. Twist it to the ground. Like this? There you go. So come down. And then lift up and rotate. Down and up and rotate. Okay, so down. Here. [LAUGH] What just happened to you? No, no, no. Keep in the, keep in this position. Okay. You can't, you can't, you can't fall over this way. So you've gotta stay solid here with your right hand on the ground, right hand needs to be on the ground. Oh, that. There you go, okay, so now come down. Down, and lower the hips down. This, this arm should be over, over here. Like this? Yes. Like you're curled up on your arm, there you go. Okay, so tuck this into your, into your chest. Just this, just this, just this knee. Watch me, watch me. Ready? Okay. I'm tucking in like this. I'm swinging this here. So never this, never your right leg never becomes inactive. Tuck it and lift. Tuck it and lift but then you've got to get that hip all the way up over that knee. Do you see how you're, you're diagonal here? It's gotta come all the way up so. What, no, no, no. What I want you to do is get. Come up, come up to all fours here. Guys this is not an easy move. This is not an easy move but this is good that you're showing them the process too because it's really important. So I want you to come up to this position here from, yeah okay, so this is, your objective is to get that hip all the way up here. Right now you're just getting it to about here. All the way here, so now come down and then pull the hip up. Part of the challenge is pulling the hip all the way up. Good job, that's much better. Yep, down. Thank you. And up. Mm-hm. Swing it in and up. And every time you're coming down you're just letting it die. [INAUDIBLE] Yes, you can't let it die. Yep. Well that's way harder. Yeah, it's way harder, but let it lower all the way down to the ground. Your left hip can dive down into the ground then up. Yep. Drop it. Then up. Good job. Good job. We're ready for your booty video. How many of those does J-Lo do? 30 on each leg. 30 on each leg. But she does a series of nine to 13 different movements, like those two. [UNKNOWN] Beach. Oh my gosh. She's intense. No wonder she has such an incredible booty. She just has a great, really good work ethic. But, but by the way, too, she's a good example because even if she's got to hit the stage later, she always does like an hour of her workout. And if sometimes she doesn't have a full hour, so like she only has 30 minutes today we'll do 30 minutes, or we'll do an hour in the morning and then. Like before the American Music Awards, I went in and warmed her up backstage before she went on, because she understands the value in being connected to herself. An NBA basketball player can't go out on the court cold. No. They have to be able to think and perform. And she's a, she's a, a true entertainer. I mean Jenifer Lopez is a true entertainer. She's an incredible dancer, she's an incredible singer, song writer and she, she's the visionary behind her, her shows too. So, she's got to be able to connect to her audience. When she's performing. So I'm responsible for making sure that when she's out there, her endurance and her strength and all of that is effortless for her. That's so great. Thank you so much. These are very hard. I can't wait to do more of them, I can't wait to have a J-Lo booty. Water. [LAUGH]
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