Here’s How to DIY a Raw Hem, According to Madewell’s Denim Expert: Video


If the closest you've come to destructing your own jeans is unintentionally tearing the knees of your skinnies after a spill on the subway stairs, then it's time to get schooled in the art of denim DIY. To master the season's perfectly undone raw hem trend, we called upon Madewell's head of design, Joyce Lee.

"We're really excited about the cropped raw hem because it gives you an opportunity to show off your favorite footwear as well as show a little skin," says Lee, who suggests making sure the hem hits approximately two inches above your ankle. Today, July 26, kicks off Madewell's Denim Every Day initiative, in which the brand will launch a new denim style or collaboration each day for the next 24 days. (First up? These inky Vans high-tops.) To prime yourself for a month of all denim everything, follow the steps below to score a perfect fringed hem. Then watch the video above to master Lee's technique.

Measure Your Jeans
Starting at the crotch, measure about 25 to 26 inches down the inseam, then use a ruler and a piece of chalk to draw a horizontal line denoting where the hem will be cut.

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Sarah Balch

Use Sharp Fabric Scissors
Investing in a pair of fabric scissors will help you make a precise cut. Cut straight accross. If you'd like to increase the amount of fray, add a few short, diagonal cuts along the edges.

Rub the Hem to Create Fluff
Rub the edges of your hem together quickly to loosen up the threads. When finished, pop your jeans in the washer and dryer to fluff up the fringe.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Joyce Lee from the Madewell design team, and we're here with In Style today to show you how to create a cropped raw hem on your jeans. We're really excited about the cropped wear. It's a fit that kind of gives you an opportunity to show off your favorite footwear, as well as showing a little bit of skin. And it's also a very universally flattering fit. So to get started, you'll wanna just try on the jeans and then measure the The length that isn't as flattering for you. You measure from the crotch. A general rule of thumb we like to use is one to two inches above your ankle, which is normally about 25 to 26 inches if you're an average height. And then, it's good to use a ruler, just to kind of keep a straight line, and mark it with a piece of chalk. And then you just cut straight across. Make sure you have a really sharp pair of fabric scissors to cut with cuz it makes a big difference. And depending on your preference you can make a little bit more frayed or less, depending on what you like. You sorta just rub kinda like you're washing clothes and you'll the little threads kinda coming out And if you want a little bit more distress and a little more fray, you can also add a few short diagonal cuts along the edge. And it gives you a little bit more opportunity for the threads to come out. And then the last step is just popping it into the washer and dryer. The threads become nice and fluffy, and you get a really nice Pretty hem. It's that easy, but if you'd rather just pick up a pair that's already done for you, we'll have them in an [UNKNOWN] store. [MUSIC]
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