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Calling all winter brides! You probably picked out your wedding dress months ago, but when it comes to accessories, you might be procrastinating just a bit. Hey, no judgment here! We know you have a lot on your plate as the big day quickly approaches, and buying your belt or veil might be low on your priority list. But according to BLHDN’s senior stylist Caroline Dilsheimer, it’s not a good strategy to wait until the last minute to purchase your accessories. With only a few months to go, now is the time to finalize all the little details so you’re not freaking out a week before the wedding when you realize you forgot to buy a faux fur cape.

When it comes to winter accessories, Anthropologie’s boho-chic wedding line knows what's up. I stopped by BHLDN’s brand-new midtown location in New York City to check out their gorgeous new space (it’s basically an IRL Pinterest board) and get some styling tips to help winter brides accessorize with ease—aka I got to play dress-up in the Fantasia Gown. It's a hard job, but someone has to do it!

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When you’re selecting accessories, remember to keep your theme or overall vibe in mind. Are you a vintage bride? Will you be saying “I do” in a barn? Dilsheimer likes to break down the accessories by theme to help guide brides in the right direction. If you’re at a total loss and don’t even know where to begin, she suggests starting with a belt and working your way up from there.

Here are some of our favorite capes, bracelets, belts, shoes, and hairpieces featured in the video above:

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Shop these looks ASAP, because procastination ends now!


Hi everyone, I'm Lindsey Dryer from In Style Weddings, and I'm here at Beholden Anthropologie's Wedding Line. As you can see I'm in a a wedding dress. We're gonna do a little styling today with their Senior stylist Caroline Dilsheimer So let's first take a look at this beautiful store. This store is your Midtown location. That's right. It's going to be open this Spring and it's such a beautiful bright space, really a great way to showcase all the gowns. Yeah, let's take a look at the store and walk over and get some styling done. So today we're really focusing on winter brides and how you can achieve And that winter Wonderland look through accessorizing inside. So, [BLANK_AUDIO] So, we got some green pieces but that's stake Mark Frank collection and to holding absorbent and I'd love to walk you through to some of our phase. Yeah, that would be great. So, what's the impressions that you have about winter wedding accessories [INAUDIBLE] You know, you always think about what do I need on top? Because you might be chilly walking from where you're getting ready to your venue and just kind of in between. And what should you be looking for in terms of a top or a cape? Absolutely. So there's definitely a few ways that. That you can go, of course there's the classic fo-fur or fur topper, you can use a vintage one, maybe your grandma has one stored in the back of her closet. Such a great way to incorporate something old. But if you're looking for something a little bit different, something that we love is embellish [UNKNOWN] so it really acts as a statement piece, so we usually recommend sticking to one statement piece and building your look from there. So today we've got two of our embellish Keep with us. This is our Filimina topper. This is so gorgeous, it's by needle and thread. It has this really dense silver and white embroidery on ivory tulle. And then our trickling [INAUDIBLE] that is really lovely blushing nude tool, that sort of just disappears into your skin with these trickle beads, so. What's really awesome about these is that you can wear them. Either way. You can wear them hooked in the front or you can turn them around for a more embellished look. Right, so let's give it a try and I'll show you how it looks both ways. So, the first way we can do it is with the clasp in front. So this is really beautiful. It kind of shows off the bodice detail. Your gown. And really just sort of appears [UNKNOWN], It's a wonderful statement piece to add. So if you want to do something a little bit fashion forward, you can just spin it around the other way. Just like this and clasp it right in the back. And this gives a little bit more coverage. In the front as well. Right, so this might be good for entering a more traditional wedding. Yeah, absolutely. In a church or a religious venue. Absolutely and as you can see this has a lot of beading and sparkle going on. So you wanna make sure to keep the rest of your accessories kind of to a minimum. And maybe stick within the metal tone that's shown here. Mm-hm. And it really does. Keep your shoulders nice and warm because you have so much beading here. Yes, that dense beading really does help to keep you warm so it's kind of functional and beautiful at the same time. And the other topper we have is so which one was that again? This was the Philamenic. Philamenic. We should also mention which. Which dress I'm wearing, cuz this a stunning dress. Yes, so this is one our favorites of the new collection. This is the Fantasia gown by Catherine Deane. She's made of this lovely silk tulle and this really fine lacework. It's just a super flattering silhouette, very ethereal, so beautiful. Yeah, it was the second dress I tried on. [LAUGH] She's already found the one for the big day. [INAUDIBLE] So if I ever get married, all I'd have to do is just come back in and be like- [LAUGH] Give us a call. But yeah, the silk tulle is just, it's so flowy. I could imagine some really beautiful wedding photos, dancing with the gown kinda flowing in the wind. Absolutely you want this for an outdoor wedding, cuz the second the wind hits it, it just picks up the tulle and it floats behind you in the most gorgeous way. Right. It feel super etherial. Yes. So here's another one of our embellished, This is the trickling capelette. This is a tried and true favorite, and it's offered on nude tool and ivory tool. So, you really can create whatever look you're going for. And it has these drippy beads down the front. A little bit of a subtler statement than the previous one. Still so gorgeous. Yeah. So [UNKNOWN] this one. [BLANK_AUDIO] And that one is also reversible. Yeah, absolutely. Wear it both ways. And then another option you have that we really, really love is this Agnes sweater, so this is such a sweet lovely sweater for the big day. Little bit of [INAUDIBLE] coverage. So the You can wear this two ways again. If you have a low back gown and you wanna show off that low back, you can sort of mimic that with this and create a really fluffy beautiful bow. Otherwise, you can wear it with the v in the front, to show off any bodice detail that you have. So let's just pop this one on, you can see how it looks. That's really beautiful, too, because you can wear that After your wedding. I could definitely see myself wearing that just with a regular outfit [LAUGH]. For sure. Or with a cute ballet top even. Definitely. We also offer this in lace variation, so if you wanted something a little. But more like we could still vastly cover the back. You have that option as well and it's super pricey. If you are getting something really really cool then this is an excellent option. Yeah I mean it definitely feels like it keeps your whole upper body. Nine and covered and warm. Like I said, you can wear it after the wedding. Always the key, very personal. So then the last thing that we have is a little trick that we love to use. If you're looking for something a little bit more More simple, just like a traditional wrap. What you can do is, use a vintage broach to secure it, so that you're not worried about, you know, folding it up and fixing it all night.>>Right.>>We've got this really beautiful, little, vintage pin. And you can just pop this right onto the rap. To hold everything in place. And I love how it just adds that tiny bit of bling. Mm-hm, exactly. So, it's a really nice statement. [BLANK_AUDIO] This is a great trick for Moms and Bridesmaids, as well, Mm-hm. Mom's, especially, are always worried about giving the whole family a hug and they don't wanna have to worry about holding their wrap up all night. Right. So, you can just pop that pin in place for her. [BLANK_AUDIO] So this is not my favorite top for the season. Beautiful. So let's move on to some accessories. Sure. So you know a lot of times when we think about hair accessories. Rays or jewelery. We automatically think about summer brides. Right. You know, spring flowers or summer flowers. What should brides look for when they are accessorizing for their cold weather wedding? Right. There are definitely ways to transition. Collection pieces that may at first appear some range to a wedding. So, it's something we'd love to say is that we look swipe on it to friend let, it really changes the whole the vibe of your looks. So, if you, you know, scour interest for winter wedding images, you're gonna see a lot of that kind of newly red lip. So, I think that a great way to transition an any look into a winter look. Alternatively, what you see lots of fresh blooms In the hair these days. It's a great way to kinda bring in the churchier weddings, so you can switch out those summer blooms for some [UNKNOWN] and winter flowers. So, this is one piece that we're absolutely loving from our new collection. This is the Francesca tiara. This is so outrageously stunning. It makes you feel like a princess the second that you put it on. So, let's give this guy a try. So this is just magic when it's on. It's so beautiful. It's a subtle touch of sparkle but it definitely is a statement piece. I do feel like a princess.>> Yeah? It's really gorgeous.>> Yeah when I looked in the mirror before I was like but a tiara is a really great way to make your bridal look super wintery.>> For sure.>>> Yeah.>> For sure. And it's that whole princess vibe. And then something else that we love to do that we've been playing with recently is adding combs to veils. So I'm just going to pop this off and show you how that looks. [SOUND] It's so exciting. I get to wear a veil. [LAUGH] And this is your first time trying on a veil, right? Yes. This is my first time in a wedding dress. It's a big moment. So this is our Sarabeth veil. This is an English net. So it's a little bit heavier. It's really lovely for a winter wedding. It actually pulled over your shoulders, gives you a little bit of extra warmth and coverage. So. Would you recommend that brides wear their hair up or down? What do you What do you think says winter wedding? I think when it comes to the way that you wear your hair and makeup, it really is dependent on your personal style. You really don't want to feel like someone else on your wedding day. So just be true to you. If you feel like hair down is more you, go for that. Yeah. If you think a half up, half down do will lend itself better->> Yeah. Absolutely go for that as well. There really are no ways, yeah. So this feels Amazing. Yeah, it's so beautiful. So we're going to add this lunar [UNKNOWN] to the top. So this has this really lovely snowy texture in the flowers, which is great for a winter wedding. And all the embellishments, and the sea beads, and the crystals. It's really just a special piece. Yeah, it almost looks like they're a little frosted. Exactly. Like they're a little frozen. So if you just want to turn around, I'll tuck this right into the top of the veil. And this adds some visual interest to the back of the look. So when you're walking down the aisle or leading your ceremony, you'll see this beautiful textual element in the back. So we're really loving this. It's a statement on the back of your look. I think oftentimes the back Is something that people don't necessarily think about. All right. Touch to add. But the important thing to remember is that at your wedding, you're gonna have people at all angles. Exactly and you're gonna be photographed from all angles as well, yeah. Yeah, so you have to think of all the little details. The front of the dress as well as the back. This is beautiful, I kind of don't want to take it off. You can keep it on. [LAUGH] Can I keep the veil on? [LAUGH] Another thing that you can play with is. So, there'll be a scales. Now, this one is our pearl drop halo. This has each really delicate little elements but again, it can transition from summer, to fall, to winter pretty easily. I would say again, that dark red lip is really gonna go a long way for you here and playing up the more antique tones. So, adding for example, an earring with an antique metal This is really going to go a long way in terms of making it feel a little bit more rich and textural for the winter wedding. Right. And then so let's move onto shoes. Yeah. Absolutely. When you're ready. Or should we do necklaces? Whatever you want first. Because I do wanna address that beautiful pearl toe ware. [LAUGH] My gosh, yes. I've been eyeing that. Okay, let's talk about this first. Now this is our Victoria choker, a thing that's really fun to play up is of the moment trends and how can you make them bridal. So of course, chokers are all over the runways or all over the streets. Everyone is wearing chokers right now, so we've put our little bridal spin on it with these beautiful pearls and crystals So this can actually be worn around the neck in true choker fashion, or it can be worn just above the collarbone. And that gives a little bit more of a classic look. So let's just pop this own so you can see how beautiful it is. The thing that I love about chokers is that when you have them it actually makes you a little bit more aware of your posture. That is true, yeah. So when you're being photographed Wrapped all the time, you want to make sure of that. [BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] That's so gorgeous. I love this. [LAUGH] So this is a really fun one, you can also twist it up if you wanted a little more texture, so. Cute. Yeah. It's pretty versatile. It's a fun piece. Nice. And then another necklace idea that we're always loving is a backdrop necklace. So from the front, this backdrop necklace is just gonna appear as a small, delicate pendant. Again, it's got that antiqued metal, which is great for a winter wedding. And then it's got this dangling piece that goes down the back. So this is really wonderful if you have a low back gown- Right. Cuz it really highlights that element Of the gown. So this is a very stunning piece as well. Beautiful. So if you have a dress more like this one that has a little bit of texture in the back with the buttons running down the back you wouldn't want to something like that necklace? Right for that piece I would do something more like this. Which is just a traditional Small pendant, it's really delicate. It's not gonna take away from your dress, but it's gonna add some interest in the neckline. I love how vintage it looks. Yeah, exactly. It really draws on this beautiful lace look also. It's a good one. Okay, so now we move on to shoes. Yes, okay, shoes are always the best part, so. And I feel like the main question that I'm in here all the time You know I'm getting married in the winter. It's going to be cold out in the northeastern you know mountains. Can i wear an open toe shoe? Yes, you can definitely wear an open toe shoe. I might save the super strapy sandals for the summertime but you can certainly wear a peek toe. You can even wear a dorse style like this where the sides are open. The thing to keep in mind is you most likely won't be trecking through the snowy woods. On your wedding day, so you don't have to worry too much about your toes getting cold. This style we're absolutely lovely. A flat. Of course, as comfort is key for bride, so this is a wonderful style. It's also a great option for a more modern bride who wants to add just a little touch of sparkle to her look, but in a subtle way. So this is our Lottie Lace flat. This is so to our dress. Beautiful. Something else that we're loving both for comfort and for style is the wedge. I just, of course, they're like tried and true favorite when it comes to comfort. So, this one is by Laura Pardo and it's just so gorgeous, it has this little into detailing for sparkle, lovely ankle strap, and just to really, you know, Stunning peep toe.>>Yeah. That one also feels super Wintery.>>Yes. That fabricy shazz really...this is our Victoria pump, my personal favourite, this is a super fashion forward pump, it's so gorgeous. It's really elongating the way that the lace is placed on the foot and the way that it wraps around your heel, it actually keeps your foot very secure. A really comfortable option, just like the stiletto heel. [LAUGH] Yeah, and I love how with the lace there it kind of ties especially this dress together. Exactly. You know, your lace embellishment up here you have it on your shoes so it kind of feels cohesive. Yeah, and another thing that we love is a high low gown. It's something you don't see as often but it really gives you a chance to play up your shoe choice if you wanted to do something blue on your toes. Lows nothing like that, so. Right and you don't have to shy away from a high low in winter? I don't think so. I think there's always room to play with the high low. Yeah definitely. So any other pieces? So, we didn't look at the bracelets. Yeah, so we have some great bracelets here. Can't leave those out. So, something I did want to mention. Of course each bride has a little bit of Bit of different style. There are the classic brides, there are the Bohemian brides, the romantic brides. So you really can play that up with your accessory choices. We have our verdant crystal bracelet here which is really great for someone who's going for a more pared down, simple look, a modern bride. And we have our Verena crochet bracelet and our morning dew bracelet, which are both excellent choices for a Bohemian bride. This crochet is maybe not something you would normally see on a bridal look, but it's played up with these pearls and crystals. So it's really a great option. The morning dew bracelet is on wires. So it can be sort of flexed in any way that you like. The crystals can bend in, bend out, to sort of create a fanned out look. And finally, our gilt leaf bangle, which is really a statement piece and is so gorgeous with these champagne stones. Beautiful. Yeah. So we talk about wedding themes a lot and I know you just touched on that a little bit. So how could a bride who's going for maybe like. Well let's talk about a few different themes here. Sure. So if I wanted to tailor this. Specific dress for something more like a rustic wedding or like a farm wedding. Which of these combinations of things would you put together? Sure. So I would say for a barn wedding, I would go with something with a tiny touch of bohemian that's something that has that antique vinyl feel as well. Sort of like a melting pot of all of the different trends that you're seeing right now. So these earrings I think are amazing for that look. They've got the sparkle but they're also not like a huge statement piece. They just have the perfect touch and they're pretty delicate looking. Another great piece for a barn wedding. Could be the [UNKNOWN] crotchet bracelet. Right. So this one is so gorgeous. [BLANK_AUDIO] So again, subtle touch of sparkle I think is key here. Wow. It looks really pretty. So it looks really beautiful on, doesn't it? I'm just missing the engagement ring. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Any takers? I'm ready. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So this one is so gorgeous. Again it's not going to be too overwhelming for the look because it has this sort of rose gold tone and it's metallic. It's pretty soft. So that's a great way to go for that barn wedding. And then how about kind of a throw back Hollywood glam vibe because I know that's been really popular. [INAUDIBLE] Feeling lately. Definitely. So for that I would go with the ballroom chandeliers. This is a classic bridal look. It has crystal, pearls, silver, sort of vintage motifs throughout. So these are really stunning for that bride that's going for a little bit of the nod to times past. Really really stunning. Yeah. And I think with those and a very glam up-do would be beautiful to show off your neckline. For sure. And the dangly. Exactly. And you could even pair them with the verdant crystal bracelets to sort of mimic the theme. Beautiful. So we've done rustic, vintage, hollywood throwback. Yeah, but like a true. Boho girl. A true boho girl. Yes, okay. So if you are getting married on a beach, which I hope you wouldn't be doing in winter. It would be a little bit cold. It would be a little cold. Or something equally as bohemian. Or like a field, like something very beautiful, like flowers. I'm thinking fields- Yeah, very natural setting. Natural setting. Yeah, so something that we love for a bohemian bride is this mixed materials idea. So these have moonstone crystal and pearl. And they're set in this sort of beveled gold setting. They're really, really stunning, and they kind of have that more natural vibe to them. That can be echoed with the morning dew bracelet which has these lovely little blooms. Got some rose quartz in here as well as some pearls and crystals. So, this kind of has that more natural feel where it's just a subtle touch of sparkle. Yeah, definitely. Feels very, you know those words like ethereal and fairy and- Yeah, exactly. Those words come to mind when I think about your boho bride. Absolutely. So I just have a couple of questions about the actual logistics of accessorizing. Sure. So I know brides like to get their dresses about a year in advance. Which is a great idea, always good to plan ahead and not wait till the last minute. But I found with almost every bride that I know. [LAUGH] They've always waited till the last minute to get their accessories. Yes. So it's probably not the best idea to ait until a week before your wedding to get your jewelry or your veil. So when should, should a winter bride be planning now to to accessorize for her like December, January, February wedding? For sure. I think it's always you know good to have a head start on it. Your dress is of course the biggest thing on the checklist so once you have that checked off I think sometimes, finest think yes I'm done and I look this totally planned but there's a lot more than goes into it and that so you wanna start looking for your accessories you know if you're after bridal salon and. And you find an accessory you loved. It's always great to go with that right in there and that you can go build to the rest of your look from there. Otherwise, if you wanna just buy your dress on it and like, you can see what you think about it. If you have immediate family heir that you want to incorporate it to your look, you can use all of them as the base point for building the rest of your look. But, I would say as far as logistics go for timing, I think the sooner, the better I would say waiting for the last few weeks is always a little bit stressful. There's so many things that happen last minute in the wedding planning process. You don't want to save everything until last. That is the last thing you want to worry about is- Your earrings and your sash- I didn't get my earrings, I didn't get my belt. Yeah, absolutely. And I just spoke about belts, I was wondering if we could take a look at these because they're so beautiful. For sure, yes. I think a belt also is a great way to bring some winter wonderland vibe into your Prada look. Yes. So my personal favorite for a winter vibe is this gorgeous, gorgeous sash. This has organza flowers, opals, crystals, clear seed beads. And it's backed on this tool so when it's on your gown, it almost disappears into your gown and makes it feel like one Piece, so. They almost look like snowflakes. Exactly. Yeah. So let's give this one a try. So this one sort of just melds right into the gown. It's so beautiful. The colors are perfect. And again if you found this sash and you were absolutely. You can certainly build your look based on this. You can pull from the ovals and the crystals even in the silver tones in there to kind of fill out the rest of your look. Do you think that's a great place for brides to start who don't know how to accessorize? Is it good tos tart with a belt and build from there? I think so, unless you already have something set in stone, your grandmother's earrings, something like that, I think this acts as a really great way to start. It kind of pulls the whole look together and really defines the really lines. You feel really great about your clothing Choices and you know the way that your body's looking and that going out from there is a [INAUDIBLE] Right, yeah, good idea. Well, this one is absolutely beautiful. I really love that it looks like snowflakes. It's so pretty, It just screams winter. Mm-hm. I think of the snow scene in the Nutcracker. My gosh, yes. All the snow is coming down and. Yes, another option. That we have, so this is a traditional sash with the rib enclosure. This is a fitted belt so this one will have a clasp or a button and this is a great option if you have, if you're not loving the bow in the back of your gown, you want something a little bit more streamlined, this is a great way to go. And that also looks very Like winter wonderland. Wintery. Right! [LAUGH] So this is our fortuna sash. This is one of our newest. This is great as far as mixed metals goes. If you wanted to tie in some different tones to your look. Maybe you wanted to wear a silver earring or a gold halo, something like that. This can really anchor everything down. Another nice thing about this sash, is that the embellishment is widest at the center. And than tapers out to the side, so it's going to have a real slimming effect. Ok, wonderful, yeah. And so what kind of bride, what theme do you think that this particular belt would work best for? So this one has been really popular with our brides who describe themselves as Gatsby brides, as someone who's going for a little bit more of a 20s vibe, this one is really good for them. Can definitely see that. But, it can also go for a little. A little bit of that glamorous romantic girl as well. So either a vintage throw back or a super glam. Exactly. And another tip that I like to tell brides about is that when you're wearing your sash throughout the night it may be shifting around a little bit, what I would recommend doing is having your tailor tack it down to your gown and that way it is just staying in place you don't have to worry about retying it. Your maid of honor won't have to worry about shifting your sash For pictures all night. So I would definitely recommend getting your sash sooner than later so your tailor can tack that on for you. And then this is maybe a silly question, but I think a lot of brides wonder, especially in winter when they might have a cape or one of those beautiful toppers on. When do you take it off? Who do you hand it to? How do you You know, manage it so you're not holding it in your photos. Right. Like you're holding your jacket. [LAUGH] RIght. Sure. Well I think that maid of honors come in really handy, so I would always say have a chat with your maid of honor beforehand, and maybe she can remind you halfway through or after the ceremony after you have your first round of pictures. And you don't forget to take that off off until you have more pictures to take. But for the most part I'd say it's a pretty natural progression. With that orange. So, take it off and, you know, the rest of it which suppose to be in her gown. Great. So, it really is up to personal preference. So, if you really are somewhat really super cold and you want a sweater all long night, even certainly get out of this. Yeah, 'cuz actually in so many beautiful broad and pictures with the for art. Definitely. Toppers on and just add some little bit A little bit of a different visual element so that not all the feathers are exactly the same.>>Yeah.>>Especially if you're doing some posing afterwards with some mountains in the background, or, some beautiful snow covered location.>>Gorgeous. Yes! A lot of brides will do two dresses, one for their ceremony. One for the reception so having a winter topper like that actually act as an outfit changer so people think. Good point. Gonna trick people. Yeah, exactly. [LAUGH] Well, I think i don't have anymore questions. [LAUGH] So, thank you so much. Of course, absolutely. Of styling me today I think I'm just going to head out like this if that's cool. We'll wrap it up for you then. [LAUGH] Yeah, so like, I don't know about you but let's find the chapel I'm ready. But yeah so you just tell them where the store is located and how they can in. Sure, yes, we are located at 38th and 7th in New York's midtown and if you want to book an appointment to come in for a bridal appointment or you want to have your bridesmaids come in and look at some of our styles. You read on our website which bhldn.com. Okay. Yeah. Thank you, Kalen. Of course it's nice to be with you, yeah. See you later Facebook, bye.
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