How To Smooth Fly-Aways


Make like Victoria Beckham and get a sleek pony sans pesky fly-aways. Here’s how…


[MUSIC] So I stuck my hair back into this super sleek pony tail because it is one of my favorite off duty hairstyles and for all of you BB fans out there, it is one of Victoria's favorite's too. To get the look. Find a Deep Frizz Ease Serum, like this one from John Frieda. Take a dollop and apply it to dry hair, from the mid-length all the way down to the ends. So you get that super, sleek pony tail effect. Now if like me, you end up with these really super annoying bits at front. Find a dry mascara wand. And apply a little bit of the Deep Frizz Ease Serum to the wand. And then, just use the wand to smooth back those annoying bits into the ponytail for the perfect sleek style every time. [MUSIC]
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