How-To Secrets with Harry Josh


Celebrity stylist Harry Josh shares his tips for salon-caliber hair.


[MUSIC] The secret to a great blow dry is product. I like a nice light weight mousse, it's a great light weight styler that allows for lot of flexibility; body and movement. When you start off, you wanna start off with wet hair, doesn't have to be soaking wet, but a nice towel dried ways is a good way to start the hair. Now when it comes to mousse, I like to use quite a bit. So you colud see here. It's almost the size of ball, you know, a good tennis ball or a soft ball. Go ahead and just work it through your hair, root to tip. All the way down. And as you can see, as I'm working it, it's starting to dissolve right into the hair texture. Alright, it's time to section. Now this is a really important step for people at home, cuz people don't realize that sectioning is really key to getting a great blow dry. I like to use a tail comb. Just because it's really easy to get through the hair. I like to section it into four big sections. So what you wanna do, just comb the hair all the way back. Do your best to kind of get it to a center part and just follow that all the way down to the nape of your neck. So you wanna take it from the front all the way to the back. And then, we're gonna take take, divide that from ear to ear. And, we're gonna clip up these sections. So this would be our first section, clipped up out of the way. Now, before you start blow drying, I've left this down on purpose. And why I've left this down is because this section is gonna be too big. So what you wanna do is slice that in half. Clip this portion up outta the way and this will become your first section to blow dry. The reason why you wanna start in the back, cuz it's the hardest part to do. So once you kinda get rid of all the hard stuff. The stuff on the top is cake. Now when it comes to round brushing, what you really wanna do is get a nice round brush. This is about an inch and a half across. I like the big ones, not only cuz they have great grip on the hair but they allow you to finish the blow dry faster. When it comes to a blow drier, you really want to use the nozzle. The nozzle helps concentrate all the heat and really compress it so that all the natural oils in the hair comes out. It's a great where you get a nice, smooth, shiny results. Now, fewer finishing touches you may wanna do at home, and I left you some with finer hair and you wanna get a little more lifting which you have gotten. You can go ahead, after you blow dry use a real lift volume as your just at the rifts. All the way across, and blast some heat in it. That'll even give it a little more pop than what you got already. The way I finished the blow dry, I'm thinking the center is good. For you guys at home, if you wanna switch it up, absolutely no problem. Rake your fingers through your hair. Just go ahead and shake it up. As you can see, it doesn't matter. The way it's been blow dried, it can be neutral in any way. I like to finish every look with a little bit of hair spray. Just to lock in the look. And there you have it. A nice, full, perfect blow dry. [MUSIC] Hi, I'm here to show you how to use a curling iron to create that messy, loose, textured, effortless wave. And, what you wanna do, is you wanna start on dry hair. So, I'm going to show you guys at home how to really create the nice, perfect, natural movement I'm talking about. And the key for that is just holding it straight, vertically, like that. Wrapping the hair around the iron and when you run out. Just holding that little tip out and what that's gonna do is really create a nice, soft, natural looking wave versus a prom ringlet. So, just grabbing a quarter inch section of the head, we're gonna open this iron and just wrap the hair around the iron, completely vertically. And like I said, just holding that little tip out. I'd like to say about a three to five second count really works, and then just drop your wave. And there you've got a nice banded movement into the hair. What you wanna do after that is grab another section about an inch across and for that same section, you can go haphazardly. I've done the first one back. Now if I want to do the other one the other way I can do the exact same thing, this time going inwards. You really wanna just keep that iron as still as possible to really just lock in that texture, and we drop. So now I've got one wave going this way and then one underneath going that way. And that's really what's gonna create that loose, messy, kind of loose sexy texture. Now keep in mind that if you've got finer hair or hair that always seems to drop, you really wanna go down on the size of your curling iron, down to even a quarter of an inch. That may seem incredibly small for you but really at the end of the day it's gonna drop into the perfect wave. It's really important for people at home to know to let the curls cool down, so when you touch them, they're absolutely cool and they have no heat left in them. That's really gonna help lock in the wave. Now for her I'm going to have her tip her head back and just rake my fingers through her hair, just stretching out all her waves. Again, the look is meant to be organic, natural, messy and within 20 minutes you're really going to see it start to settle. And within an hour, it's really gonna be perfect. So, always do this, you know, a good half an hour before you leaving out of the house, so it really gets into that perfect shape before you finish it with hair spray. And there you have it, a nice loose, easy textured wave that's ready for the red carpet or even a night on the town. [MUSIC] Hi, I'm here to show you how to do the perfect messy bun. This is not your traditional bun, this is the modern, haphazard, wild, bun in the back but controlled and calm in the front. The key of course, is locking it in with pins and I'm here to show you how to do that. [MUSIC] Now what you wanna start off is creating a nice part. I've already started with a nice side part here cause I think this is gonna be beautiful on her. And I'm just gonna brush her hair into a really nice clean ponytail, and even though we're doing a messy look, the beginning has to start off clean, in order for you to destroy it. So as you can see, I've decided to start with the side part, but that's not the only rule. You can go down the middle. You can pile it up high. The key is your foundation's gonna be where the ponytail base is. So whether you do a ponytail here, off center on this side or dead center in the back. That's where it's gonna be all about. Now, whatever works for you, ponytail wise, is gonna be fine. Elastic wise, I like these bungee cords. You can get them from pretty much any drug store. Just hook it into the hair, wrap it around until you run out of room. So you have your ponytail, what you wanna do is back comb it in thirds. So, let's take about a third of the hair just like this. And all we're gonna do with our comb or brush, either one will work, is just back comb the hair right to the base of the ponytail. It's kind of turning into this wild crazy texture, and that's really gonna help you when you start to wrap it around and really lock those pins in shape. Alright. You can also see you get a lot of volume in this which is really gonna be helpful to get that really big crazy, messy, bun we've been talking about. So now, you've back combed this whole section. Now what you wanna do from this point, it's all about twisting and shaping. There's no rhyme or reason to this look, it's really about creating what feels right. The look is not made to be polished. So you are allowed to just kind of spin it around as you feel fit and as you're spinning, that's when you secure the pins. [MUSIC] Now there's two pins that are out there on the market. There is the bobby pin and there's also the hairpin, which is shaped more like a U and really helps lock in the bun. So as you're twisting the hair around the base, just go ahead and pin that, grab about an inch of the actual bun, and then scrape it along your scalp like that, and that should lock it into place. And keep following it all the way around the head as you're twisting and working. So, you're gonna jam some of that hair in. And you're gonna do the same thing, and you're just gonna twist it around. Lock it into place. So, you remember what we've done so far? We've secured it in a ponytail. We then back combed everything, and just haphazardly pinned everything around the bun, secured it against the scalp. And there you have it. You've got your messy bun. It's got a nice rough texture, but this is all clean and controlled. A great thing to do just before you leave the house, finish it off with a bit of hair spray and you're ready to hit the town. [MUSIC]
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