How Much do Wedding Invitations Cost?

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There are few pleasures in life quite as exciting as opening a wedding invitation. Recipients can't help but gush over the intricate calligraphy, the embossed lettering, the foil leafing and all the other design elements that make these cards so special. Even though the invites don't get much shine on the actual event day like, say, the flowers, they're still an integral part of any wedding experience. But how much do they cost? 

You might be thinking: not that much. Afterall, they're just pieces of paper, right? Well, not exactly. The price will obviously depend on how many guests you'll be inviting, but there are a number of other variants that can affect your bottom line, too. For instance: if you use a specialty wedding invitation designer, you'll end up shelling out a lot more than if you use a premade card from a stationery store. 

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You can also search for sales online and look to e-retailers like Etsy, where incredibly low deals are always hiding. Check out the video above for more insight!


[MUSIC] Coinage, life, well spent presented by Geico. So you've set the date and need to send invites. Depending on your style preferences and products use those pieces of paper can cost a pretty penny. On average, soon to be newly weds will spend more than $443 on their wedding invitations. Before you select your stationary, here's some information to keep in mind. Do you dream of chic hand-drawn designs? Hiring a wedding invitation designer may be your best bet, however, it'll cost you the most. Some design companies can begin at $1,000 for 100 invites, and, depending on your invite list, can go all the way up to $3,000. Brick and mortar stationery stores like Paper Source may have creative pre-made cards. Generally customers can expect to pay around seven dollars per invitation. Looking to add a reception card into the mix? Add, on average, an extra two dollars per card. The best part about this option is that, since it's a store, they may hold sales throughout the year. Online invitation stores can also give you the same impressive design, but from the convenience of your own couch. These stores generally run sales that can give you 10 to 15 percent off your total price. Retailers like Etsy have cards on sale for around $3 each. Some even reach as low as $.20 per card. These can include invites, response cards, and envelopes, for that same low price. If you're rather crafty you may wanna create your own. There are a series of great templates online that will help you design your dream card. For a blank wedding invitation, response card, and envelopes, expect to pay around $90 for 100. At a price point like that you'll want to say I do. [SOUND] Coinage, life well spent. Presented by GEICO.
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