How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

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You can master the art of seduction without over-spritzing. Try this now…


[MUSIC] Okay, so heres the beef I have with fragrance. So no matter how much you apply in the morning by the time lunch time rolls around, you can barely smell it anymore. So there are two tricks I've learned from the experts. First avoid all the normal pulse points that you can think of, like your wrists or behind your ears. They have a really high burn rate, and the fragrance won't last as long. Instead try applying your favorite fragrance, like this one, Daisy from Marc Jacobs, on areas you wouldn't normally think of. Say your arm, your declotette and even the back of your neck. Second of all, find a same scented body lotion, like this one and apply it over the top just to lock in the scent and also to add a hint of moisture. It's a simple and easy trick. [NOISE]
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