How To Look Wide Awake

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Had a few two many cocktails last night? You’ve got to try this A-list trick to fake brighter, wider eyes


[MUSIC] Hello, my name's Anna Day, and I'm a make. Makeup artist and I worked with various actresses and celebrities including Alexa Chung, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lawrence and Judi Dench. I'm gonna give you my best ever top tip to make your eyes look wide awake and fresh as a daisy. What I'm gonna use is a [UNKNOWN] silver pencil. I'm gonna do the corner of my eyes [MUSIC] Just a little dab in the tear duct, which will immediately make your eyes look really wide awake. And the other end I'm gonna use Charlotte Tilbury concealer. And most people conceal that area of the eye that they tend to neglect. Corners. Where you get a little bit of paint that can be quite aging, quite tiring, so I'm just gonna literally, just underneath where I've done my kind of cut like eye liner, I'm gonna dab concealer there. Get rid of any blue, and that for me is the best tip to keep your eyes looking wide awake and perky. Thank you. [MUSIC]
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