How To Give Limp Hair A Lift


Limp locks getting you down? This is the trick for you….


[MUSIC] Hey, InStyle UK. I'm celebrity stylist Ken Paves. Some of our clients include David and Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington. I've got a great tip for you. If you have very fine, flat hair and you're looking for some volume. Start in your shampoo. Shampoo only at your roots. We're going to reach out to the ends and then when you condition before weighing down your hair tip your head over in the shower, condition it, put conditioner in your hand. Put the conditioner on just the ends of your hair and then rinse your hair while your head is bent over so that all the conditioner goes into the drain and not on your scalp to weigh your hair down. Check it out, you're gonna love it. Tons of volume.
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