How to Get Toned Arms Like Allison Williams

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Allison Williams always looks flawless on the red carpet, and her appearance at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards was certainly no exception. She stunned in a strapless embellished Armani Privé gown, which showed off her super toned arms.

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The bottom line? We're jealous. The good news? We've got the secrets to her flawless physique. The actress gets red carpet ready with regular Core Fusion barre workouts at Exhale (which sculpts her long, leans muscles into enviable shape through a series of ), so InStyle paid a visit to the New York City Flatiron studio, where Core Fusion teacher Julie Ann Earls showed us the moves to do to get toned arms like Williams.

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All you need is a pair of 1- to 5-pound weights and you’re ready to try some moves that work all angles of your arms (and even your core). Watch the video above to learn how to do them at home. Bring on that strapless gown!

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim Peiffer with In Style. I'm here at Exhale with core fusion. Teacher, Julianne Earl. Julianne, Alison Williams has the most incredible arms. Whenever she's on the red carpet, she looks so toned and so amazing. What are some moves that we can do at home? Sure, I would love to show you some moves that you can do at home. All you need is some one to five pound weights. So me and Kim have some two pound weights here that'll feel like 20 pounds in just a little bit. So, just bring up your elbows up to shoulder height. Yep, like you're making 90 degrees angles with your arms. Exhale. You're going to bring your hands a little bit above and before your forehead and then pull your elbows right back down halfway. Good. So you do this a couple times. Mm-hm. Making sure that your core is still tight. You're still thinking about your center, even though we are focusing on arms. Excellent, Kim. Looks really good. Good. My form is okay? Yeah. So good. Give me five more right here. One. Press up, two. Good. Three, and really pull on the way down as well. Both motions count. Good. And then hold at halfway right here and then bring your forearms to frame your face. Chest press. Good. And then open out right back to halfway. Good. Close. And then open. Again, still thinking about your center. Still keeping your core tight, not letting that rock too much. Yeah, these are hard. Keeping that navel [INAUDIBLE] on the spine. Good. These are hard. These are, yeah, believe me, right? Feels like 20 pounds right now, right? Give me three more right here. One. Good, good. Two. On this last one, frame your face with your forearms, good. And then punch your knuckles up to the ceiling. Kinda imagine like you're in forearm plank, yeah, so your core is still tight. Excellent, good. We'll do five more right here. One, two, yes, finish strong, three, four. Hold a breath there Kim. Make a muscle. Woo Woo. And we're out of it. Woo-hoo. I'm feeling that too. I feel like that was really challenging, but that's also really easy to do at home. Super easy. I'm so excited to try these. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. Thank you. My pleasure. [MUSIC]
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